Posted on: May 18th, 2011 by Rex 73 Comments
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Requested by Jiraya Maximum

73 Responses

  1. realDD says:


  2. Blueblitz says:

    Errm… eeeeghhhh….. I don’t really like it, Tsunade’s face looks kind of…

  3. I Love Konan^^ says:

    I expected more

  4. Sharinnengan says:

    Rex, another disappointment, you are not listening our requests. WE WANT A SARAA PIC.

    for god sake…

    • rex says:

      @Sharinnengan: are you a member? if you are, then post it on the suggestion box and wait for it to be done. if not, try not to be so demanding.

  5. GrimAlex8 says:

    Very nice Rex…good job with the face , it looks wonderful!

  6. loled one says:

    i missed tsunade!!!

  7. Mr. Locke says:

    Oh, young princess ;-)
    I wonder if her boobs were always this big…
    And what about her forehead symbol?

  8. realDD says:

    and you ppl stop with this saraa crap ?

  9. tsukotarasu says:

    I like it. Boobjobs are hot.

  10. josh says:

    finally a picture of tsunade back very good

  11. dragonfly82 says:

    I missed a good boobjob pic,
    bonus points for being a Tsunade/Jiraiya Pic…

    and goddamit when are people gonna
    stop whining about a Sara pic?
    Commision the pic, if you wan one so badly.

  12. Over9000 says:

    young Tsunade FTW

  13. Pollop says:

    TSUNADE BACK!!! Thanks for making one of her again!!!:)

  14. GodOfPeace says:

    Hmm, not bad.;) Tsunade’s breasts were made for boobjob, seriously. Great choice by the way R e x; there wasn’t any titfuck in a while & neither Tsunade (lots of guys asked for her recently & you responded so fast, which is really nice of you!)

    The pic itself is quite “simple” to me, but impressive enough, I think. The 3/5 rating is kinda suitable for this one I suppose, not because you did anything wrong or made any big mistake, just because of its simpleness, a simple boobjob, an avarage idea from the requester, and nothing special. But you did it Great as always, so GJ! & Keep it up.:]

  15. ... says:

    now that’s what it’s all about
    fucking good and more realistic
    as both pairs r naked !

  16. SweetBlow says:

    I love it. Perfectly drawn and I also fucking love the background and the blue bed –> perfect combination (this blue in combination to her yellow hair – EPIC). I’m not a Tsunade(old hag) fan but this one is damn hot and her facial expression is really fitting imo.

    You should try to show new facets (new series; kissing; girls dominate boy…)or shuffle more between the current facets. What I personally miss the most are GirlBoyGirl-SexPics, Bondage and also some shocking pics from time to time like Rape, Necro, Tentacle, Animal, whatever is shocking/repulsive for most people :)
    That’s just my honest opinion.

    Variety is the spice of life. Keep it up.

  17. Leon says:

    nice pic! been awhile since we’ve seen Tsunade! mmmmmmm….tits XD

  18. Epilepsy says:

    *starts bowing at rex* by dreams have been realized, FINALLY another Tsunade pic.

  19. Noname says:

    Sakuraxnaruto fucking style girl on top

  20. vance says:


  21. Nick alv.. says:

    Man tsunade shes just a wonder of the worlds lol wish she were real

  22. katienator says:

    any chance u could do a bunch of pictures of itachi with tsunade please just a suggestion

  23. narusaku4eva says:

    great pic rex and pls consider my request of sakura tit fucking/boob jobbing naruto!!

  24. rommy says:

    jiraiya wish lmao

  25. Sharinnengan says:

    @rex, look at the suggestion box, there is my request

  26. ssuke says:


    pls make a sasuke x tsunade pic

  27. kindnaruto says:

    To those who keep complaining about rex drawing #1 can u draw better than him? #2 if u read about section rex did not rate his picture to 10/10 #3 rex is not a machine he would often make mistake have u ever in a life never make 1 single mistake?

  28. Cavpal says:

    A new Tsunade! Thank you Rex (and whoever requested this masterpiece), this really made my day! ◕ ◡ ◕

  29. alex says:

    amazing, wonderfull, extraordinary, good job REX

  30. jong 2x says:

    nice one rex, love this one! 5/5

  31. Anonymous says:

    Tsunade looks beautiful good job

  32. GerSte says:

    Ahh…Tsunades face looks so sweet and the rest is so sexy! For me, this is one of the best tits-pair i’ve ever seen ; ) VERY GOOD JOB, REX!

  33. Sannin Perverted says:

    I love Tsunade X Jiraiya

  34. Narufan3 says:

    Great pic, Naruto hasn’t had much action recently, I’d like some more narusaku and a sara pic would be nice

  35. superpervertidoelmaestroecchi says:

    creo que es una muy buena fotoexelente quedo tsunade y el boobjob exelente ya tenia mucho tiempo que tsunade no le hacia trabajos buenos sigan asi

  36. narusaku4eva says:

    great pic rex pls consider my request of sakura tit fucking / boob jobbing naruto pls

  37. Swaggaxxx says:

    Yo Rex great job

  38. weird says:

    i wonder what it’ll be like if rex made chibi hentai

  39. sanji says:

    Seems Rex lose interest for this project and this website is slowly dying That’s sadly but ….

  40. sanji says:

    Seems Rex lose interest for this project and this website is slowly dying

    • rex says:

      @sanji: i beg to disagree. just wait till i finish this one and lets see what you have yo say.. \m/@@\m/

  41. sanji says:

    You’ll see. But I don’t think what one pic it might completely change my mind even if it’ll most epic pic ever

    • rex says:

      @sanji: don’t worry. it really doesn’t matter what you think. i’m out here to do my job, i maybe sluggish most of the time and not be able to please all of you, but the bottom line is.. i do it my way, when i want and how i want it to end up. and that pleases me. if you like it or not, it really doesn’t matter. because no one can please everybody. i am doing this not for the fame, or the money… i’m doing this for because i wanted to.

  42. sanji says:

    Very well said Rex I liked it. Hoping what your next pinup will be so good like your speech And don’t hurry up with this one, good work with details is much more important than speedy updated and I be able wait

  43. GodOfPeace says:

    @sanji: You shouldn’t make statements like that so easily… (*imagine Clint Eastwood voice*)
    Espacially if its just you, if you think this just keep it for yourself. Or just look around on this site, there are much more ppl around here than it was before, and more members as well. All right, I’m not exactly sure about this, since R e x is the one who knows & sees it exactly, but from what I can see; it really seems so.

    I really don’t get it, why are you think its dying? And how the hell do you know that, R e x losing interest ?0.o Gee.. You probably have some kind of telekinetic powers or something like that. No offense mate, but seriously..

  44. superpervertidoelmaestroecchi says:

    creo que estaria bien que se hiciera una imagen de naruto follando a sara de la torre perdida me gustaria mucho o que opinan

  45. Barragan says:

    @sanji and anyone like him;
    Why are you starting trouble with Rex? You make it seem like drawing 500+ well made hentai pictures in 2 years is a simple thing to do while maintaining your life. Why don’t you become an artist and draw your own hentai, and then see if you can say that. I know that I can’t draw or do anything artistic, so I can only imagine how hard or not it is.

    But seriously, you are here for naruto hentai, and Rex is providing it because he wants to. I’m sure he could quit doing this and replace this with something much more profitable, but he doesn’t because it is his passion, whether you think so or not. Grow up, be patient, and accept and appreciate what you get. And if you’re not a member, then you really have no right to complain. Sorry about this rant, I’m just tired of seeing people troll/disrespect Rex and Robert.

  46. Roflmeister says:

    No picture today, what a suprise! LOL

  47. Lovekiss says:

    Naruto(Mode Kyubi) X Tsunade “Look my Power”

  48. GodOfPeace says:

    @Roflmeister: don’t even except one, its Saturday.
    Wait until monday, I’m sure that he will post something new & awsome.

  49. derpis says:

    New picture before we all “die”? XD

  50. ,,\/, ^-^ ,\/,, says:

    how about a new fucking picture already?

  51. ,,\/, ^-^ ,\/,, says:

    “i may not be able to please all of you” -rex
    gross old pervert, listen to yourself

  52. fan :) says:

    Seriously, do none of you have any patience?

  53. SweetBlow says:

    Don’t worry. From his first comment i can take that the new pic will have Saara OR an interesting sex-position OR something NEW OR more than two persons involved. Also a guess: We will see it before it turns monday.
    Drawing High-Quality-Naruto-Hentai is his PASSION. That made MY day :)

    Good to hear that you don’t care what some people write in here. Haters are free to leave…

  54. sayler says:

    I’m quite agree with sanji
    If this website don’t dying so why pics getting less and less every month and these pics becoming more simplest?

  55. hollow flame says:

    great pic rex and pls make apic where sakura and naruto are fucking in the snow and lee sai kiba kakashi and yamato are in the background surprised and all of them are wearing the clothes they wore when sakura confessed her feelings for naruto and entitle it “now do you believe me”

  56. Mr. Locke says:

    Robert from BleachPIXXX is drawing interesting and very original positions and poses (Masturbating Rurika for example) but his artwork really doesn’t appeal to me.You on the other hand draw characters perfectly, resembling the manga ones. That is why I like you work better ;-)
    On advice from your fan, if I may:
    I think that you should look at Robert’s pictures and try to improove your poses and positions ideas. Like I’ve said Robert is drawing hot poses but it is you who’ve got the style ;-)
    Hope it will help you in your future plans.

  57. vance says:

    @Mr.Locke rex is awesome and so is robert. just because you like one persons work doesn’t mean you should downgrade someone elses

  58. vance says:

    @Mr.Locke rex is awesome and so is robert.

  59. nasake says:

    @hollow flame. hell yea, i’d love to see that, great idea

  60. Rosen says:

    kushina assviews?

  61. otona orochi says:

    Mr. Locke EPIC LOL!!

  62. Lovekiss says:

    Voilà pourquoi je me suis jamais inscrit à ce site: 3 images par semaines, payer juste pour voir ça, je savais bien qu’à un moment le site serait moins actif.

  63. hollow flame says:

    hey rex hope you don’t mind if i make another request how about a pic were the thirteen year old naruto is fucking sakura in shippuden and naruto in shippuden is fucking the thirteen year old sakura and entitle it “Old VS New” , “Time Warp” or “A weird but pleasurable experience”

  64. I Love Konan^^ says:

    I fucking want a new image!!)

  65. katienator says:

    maybe a whole bunch of itachi and many more range of girls that he has already please as he is more popular i would say more than sasuke sorry to say just a thought

  66. narutofan100 says:

    tsunade has some nice tits

  67. izz says:

    you should do a tsunadexkushina pic

  68. spulse says:

    Great artwork!! I love that it shows off her big breasts and that we can see her nipples in pic.

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