Posted on: May 12th, 2011 by Rex 80 Comments
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Requested by The Truth

80 Responses

  1. nick says:

    she looks really sexy in this pic, good job btw

  2. Hey Angel says:

    umm since i am a GIRL i hate this pic can we get some hot guys sometime like sasori REX?

  3. NaruHina says:

    O_O …

  4. Mr. Locke says:

    Now man, you just made my day… I usually like to avoid that word but she looks very hot XD
    Thanks ;-)

  5. Mr. Locke says:

    @Hey Angel
    Sorry baby, Im afraid that beside sex pics you won’t find nude guys here ;-)

  6. NaruHinaYuri says:

    @Hey Angel
    I also am a girl.
    And I like the image

  7. Christine says:

    hot pic, though i can’t believe the background:she’s actually doing it at the summit? XD

  8. Mr. Locke says:

    One other thing…
    Her face expression, look in the eyes and the way she holds a boob tells me: “You want some?” XD

  9. memerk says:

    I think her breast are too big,but other then that not bad.

  10. killer-san says:

    mr locke you’re right it really looks like it.
    damn that’s a hot bitch.
    the pic is great but since she’s doing it at the summit couldn’t it have choujuro in the background, just asking?

  11. GodOfPeace says:

    Oh, jesus its awsome!:O Shes hotter than her lava.
    Indeed, she has a little bit too big breasts, but I rather see Her with huge boobs than, for example Sakura or Tenten, & etc. So its OK by me.
    And her face expression is just superb! 5/5.

    Keep it up R e x! (And dont forget about Saara please!*.*)

  12. Narutofan says:

    Her tits are too big.

  13. jong 2x says:

    wow dat tits made my night! also, this pixxx is very detailed moar like an art than a piece of hentai picture :D 5/5 for the awesome masterpiece, a sure masterbate worthy pic!!! LOL

    sasukeXtemari please :/

  14. amaterasu888 says:

    Whoa…her TiTs are delectable

  15. LM says:


  16. Over9000 says:

    Wow with a body like that Mei shouldn’t even be having hours without sex. This is a flawless victory Rex

  17. Narutofan says:

    Why my comment was deleted? This is not very good

  18. Anonymous says:

    cool i love her boobs

  19. Tao says:


  20. Suigetsu says:

    well considering that in some pics there are more naked guys than girl, I think that makes it for the girl fan service xP
    BTW Rex, this is definitely the pic of the month!, its super fantastic!

    Very well drawn, super hot pose and beautiful body! This are the kind of pics that makes you the King of Naruto Hentai! Cheers with cold beer man.

  21. Rrr says:

    A beautiful image you’ve drawn her body perfectly, especially those amazing boobs, this pic is definitely picture of the month.

  22. Nick alv.. says:

    Wow baby!!! Damn!!

  23. Sharinnengan says:

    still not stripped Saraa?

    what the heck?

  24. josh says:

    wow very pretty imagen

  25. loled one says:

    truly sweet!!!

  26. Ron van DAMN says:


  27. NarutoRocks says:

    Damn thats hot!!!
    Next Sakura-Lonely day without sex,and please make it look HOT!!! Well ofc u will,u are amaizing hentai artist Rex :D

  28. Mr. Locke says:

    Fingernails man, fingernails… please, remember to paint them next time you draw Konan, Tsunade or Mei ;-)

  29. Mr. Locke says:

    Fingernails man, fingernails… please, remember to paint them next time you draw Konan, Tsunade or Mei ;-)

  30. Not Important says:

    10/10 all i have to say

  31. slade says:

    dis da best pic of mei, do fuuka for a lonely day without sex

  32. erosenin12 says:

    hard to believe she can keep one single day without sex

  33. pop squalito says:

    i never really liked this character. but rex has done a good job of giving her more personality and a better figure to boot.

  34. Jumbo says:

    Yo ppl…. I think Rex is workin on the sara pic. I’m sure he’s drawing sketches or somethin cause he never drew her b4. I’m sure he wants to make it good so hold up. Can’t wait until the Sara pic comes though!!

  35. Kentucky says:

    Hey Rex this is great, the usual. But I’m still dying to have the narutoxkushinaxsasukexmikato one called Happy Late Mothers Day. The previous post is close. But still, I’m dying to see it.

  36. Hinata says:

    This is DELICIOUS!

  37. Sazuke34 says:

    No offense, but the tits are kinda big. Out of that good picture. It would be great a version with them but smaller, just my opinion, XD

  38. ??? says:

    @hinata i agree with you, screw those 31 ppl

  39. Chaos says:

    So seductiveee

  40. tsukotarasu says:

    I guess I should watch the new Shippuden movie so I can see for myself what all this Sara fuss is about.

    • rex says:

      @tsukotarasu: i agree with GodOfPeace & sanji. personally, the only thing i really enjoyed about it was the fact that Naruto had the chance to team up with his dad and of course, Sara.. the movie does suck (no offense to the creators)BIG TIME. Hopfully the next movie(Blood Prison)will not.

  41. nick says:

    i only saw the first 20 minutes and i think she is really cute

  42. ... says:

    how could she have a day without sex
    she irresistable

  43. GodOfPeace says:

    @tsukatarasu: The movie was quite bad I think, worst shippu movie so far, but Saara was really cute & lovely! Seriously, prettiest movie girl by far.=)

    But – as I said – dont except too much from the movie.:/

  44. sanji says:

    I think what Sara is so popular because animators have created just another Mary Sue united in one character a Kushina Sakura and Hinata and thus created the perfect girl for Naruto, and they did it very nice but this is the only good thing in this movie, the everything else sucks hard

  45. |O_O| says:

    big juicy boobs..
    I like this! ^^

  46. Cavpal says:

    Thank you for your hard work Rex, she’s astounding and I just love her bedroom eyes.
    I would really like to see another Tsunade since your version of her it’s even better than the anime’s one.
    But since I’m not a member I can only wish and hope that some good Samaritan will request her.
    Ps: I’m happy with whatever characters you” draw, as long as they’re not Hyuugas or Uchihas.

  47. zako says:

    dang this is good

  48. Kostandin says:

    I love Mei Terumi . This is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Could you please draw a picture where Naruto and Sasuke have sex with Mei Terumi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. tsukotarasu says:

    That’s disappointing to hear. :( But I guess the Naruto movies have always been rather hit-and-miss.

  50. Jashinist says:

    finally, couldn’t wait for this one
    try full naked version pls

  51. jong 2x says:

    does rex have an another site that has another anime artwork?

  52. Pete91888 says:

    What is your name on Deviant Art Rex?

  53. jong 2x says:

    well thanks for the info :D , um so what is your deviant and facebook account… let’s be friends lol!

  54. furiosesfischfilet says:

    Nice pic :D I want your facebook name. Just give it to me xD

  55. Rex Rox! says:

    As always, and even deidara agrees with me, this is ART! =)

    So again, i was thinking of outstanding new ideas, so i tought of a good one, well of course i´m not a member, but a pay member might like this too,If you could draw a pixxx with Kakashi and Hanare at any position, it´s your choice,from Naruto Shippuden Episode 191 – Kakashi love song, with a background of clouds, it would be epic, art indeed. Well i´m always availabale for great ideas for new pixxx even tough i´m not a member, The rest is in your hands, but this one would be an epic pic indeed. Keep doing your best, Rex ;)

  56. fdgfdfdgfd says:

    new pic soon :?

  57. fuck-sensei says:

    dude that is hot!!! can u take some of my earlier requests please

  58. ahmadindra20 says:

    holy shit dud, u r the greatest naruto hentai maker, how could u have such talent, did u take course or something REX?

  59. Lovekiss says:

    Zetsu noir X Mei Terumi “Pourquoi vouloir les seigneurs?”

  60. sasuke says:

    que buena que esta la mizukage masturbandose se le ve muy sexy y esas enormes tetas son lo maximo haganse otra de sexo solitario con fuka o ino que se les veria calientes.

  61. ,,\/, ^-^ ,\/,, says:

    i kinda wanna just fuck her boobs for hours

  62. Roflmeister says:

    Well, looks like you’re getting lazy.

    No pictures in 4 days.

    Kinda fail, tbh.

    No offence, but I wanna jizz over some new pics.

  63. moosepiss dunderhead says:

    @Roflmeister: no post for 4 days you say? are you out of your freakin mind? its just the start of the week you moron! and the past two days were saturday and sunday(in case you didn’t know)! you wannna jerk with some pics today? try this one perhaps.

  64. sanji says:

    @moosepiss dunderhead don’t be a brainless asslicker
    Previous week was drawn only three pinups and me very interesting Why? Something happened or another very long week-end or as always very busy

  65. moosepiss dunderhead says:

    @sanji: shut the fuck up you gutless discontended pile of monkey crap. it seems that you don’t even know how to count you moron! R-E-X posted last sunday, may 8 in advance. so generally he posted 4 pinups this week, you wanna know whats happening? its so simple if you’ll only use your puny brain.the guy has his own life to live. has a family, a daugther and a wife. you can’t expect him to work his ass out 24/7. if you really say that rex is nothing but a lazy motherfucker, he wouldnt have done the other requests here. do you understand that, DUMBASS? i am also once a member and my request was not acknowledge by rex. but i ain’t like you, i dont complain because there are other pics here to be enjoyed. and im still patiently waiting for my request to be done. i know why you are so furious and mad at him, because he haven’t done you requests, and your paying for your membership and everything. BULLSHIT! if you’re really dissapointed, then change your requests. maybe he doesnt have any interest in what you’re asking because first, its so detailed and too much for him to work with. secondly, your violating the rules, or lastly, it SUCKS. so stop whinning like an 8 year old boy crying because his mom doesn’t want to buy him ice cream.

  66. SweetBlow says:

    If i am right, we will be able to enjoy a new pic today :) (just a feeling)
    Propably also a Saara pic this week. So patience everyone, rex is no machine!

    @pic: Don’t like her huge sagging breasts personally, but well drawn art!

  67. sanji says:

    @moosepiss dunderhead
    Seriously? At first, Sunday is a last day of week Monday is a first so was made three pinups on week you fucking stupid jerk And even four images it’s still is not updated daily cuz week have five working days so where fuck in hell five images per week Open your eyes you blind monkey and read my post Where are I said what he is lazy motherfucker, uh?
    Yes I’m member and paying for my membership and everything I’m also so furious and mad at him, but not because he haven’t done my requests (I already almost three months don’t do any requests cuz here is a one stupid unwritten rule) Main reason is: Today is 16 May but we got only 7 pics It’s even isn’t one pics per two day and this call a Daily updated. Ok I realize what he has his own life to live, has a family, a daugther and a wife. but If he can’t just do new image every day Why he is still continue to promise the stuff what he is impossible to do Why ? Let his stopped this fullshit and all will be ok but untill he’s will be do three-four pics per week and talk about updated daily many who (especially members) will be angry to him and this is normal stuff and doesn’t matter you like it or not
    And moron, who you are ? Maybe you tell your real name and thou shalt not hide behind a fictitious name DUMBASS Show your balls if you have, DICKLESS

  68. ddd says:

    @sanji & mossepiss
    calm down guys rex usually works on making some hentai games every 2 months so maybe he’s just busy, and u guys can stop fighting cause maybe Rex is sick or something that’s why he hasn’t been uploading pics. but if he is making the games that he usually makes it will take him like 1-2 weeks.
    I mean Im not a member so I might not understand what u guys r going through but just saying.

  69. realDD says:

    new pic ? yes/no/maybe ?

  70. Grym says:

    Rex does take a while and is getting lazier. BUT almost everytime he does make a new picture it feels like it was worth the wait. That’s what I like about this site, it has an amazing artist who makes the waiting tension worth while.

    But even still, 3 pixxx a week is bad XD, at least 4?

  71. tommy says:

    Terumi is so hot with sex toy, i love her! I think she is really more beautiful than Tsunade!

  72. Azurate says:

    Wow! Just like most of Rex’s drawings here, Mei is on fire in this pic. And think, if Rex makes a A Lonely Day Without Sex featuring Tsunade, we all will be able to call all the males in Konoha idiots for not giving Tsunade the day of sex she SO MUCH deserves.

  73. Blueblitz says:

    @Hey Angel: It’s just stupid to have some guy standing without clothes. It looks stupid if he were to pose and if he is fucking someone, we are back to normaal porn, and rex doesn’t do yaio.

  74. Eroninja says:

    Awesome, Terumi is very HOT !

  75. Pornstar says:


  76. Manda says:

    More mei pic !!! :Q__

  77. random says:

    hey can you make a few more naruto xxx mei and a few tsunami xxx naruto how ever you want it is fine just need more naruto x mei and naruto x tsunamis

  78. Requested by The Truth says:


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