Posted on: May 3rd, 2011 by Rex 56 Comments
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Requested by incestfan

56 Responses

  1. caluto says:

    muy buena

  2. rommy says:

    i need to see more gai, rocklee shino and kiba pics

  3. Roflmeister says:

    I did this to my GF, she loves it. LOLOLOLOLOLOL

  4. Mr. Locke says:

    Iiiiincest time XD
    Nice that you’ve started may with this kind of pics, oh and I have an idea… what do you say for may as only the incest suggestion month?!
    You could finally give something for those members who suggested incest suggestions reason to be happy.About the pic: I don’t like Mikoto’s face expression but I like the position, very original ;-)

  5. GodOfPeace says:

    Incest time indeed.^^

    Very n1ce pic; the position is great, & I kinda love her expression too, but She has way too big breasts for my likin. In your previous Mikoto pixxx She had the perfect size I think on every single one. I loved that size much more. You should try to stick with one fix size on the girls. I know its just a minor thing, but these minor things makes your Art perfect.;)

    So, 4/5 by me & keep it up! Incest rules.

    Oh and, Saara stripped, Please!:]

  6. tsukotarasu says:

    So are we in incest week? Keep ‘em coming.

    I think her breasts are fine. But then again I’ve always been drawn towards bigger tits no matter who the character is.

  7. SweetBlow says:

    @Mr. Locke: The whole month only incest? Hell no, without variety it would become quite boring. An incest week would be more than enough.

    I miss some warm colours in this pic, but the pic is well done and hot. Her tits are kind of huge, same opinion as GodOfPeace.

    Consider (if possible) drawing a bondage pic,
    A Lonely Day Without Sex(Sakura)-pic
    AND a Naruto-Sara pic from the newest movie. She definitively gave him a farewell-fuck hehe :P

    Keep it up

  8. The Sound of Truth says:

    Now we only need an Uzumakincest pic hehe ;)
    Naruto/Kushina, Naruto/Kushina/Minato or even a Naruto/Kushina/Minato/Naruko (This last one inspired by tons of fanfiction where Naruto has a sister)

    C’mon paying members, you know you want one…

  9. ideaman says:

    Great pic as always Rex. Ok I have an awesome suggestion for one:

    Naruto with all the main girls from the movies, which would include:
    Amaru, Koyuki, Shion and Sara.

  10. rex art fan says:

    yo Rex i know that non members cant really make suggestions and i respect that need to keep your business going how ever if you or someone that is a member could adopt my request that would be great. just watched the new movie and i would love to see the a new character added to your arsenal of art =) the girl in the movie was the queen Sara. i am a huge fan of your art and i look forward to seeing new stuff every day. nice job as always and i would really be great full if someone thats a member could suggest the Sara girl for me seeing as i dont have the money to be a mem right now. thanks and great job as always i am never disappointed =)

  11. Naruto Uzumaki says:

    I like that idea with me and the main movie charecter girls all of them on me would be great believe it!!

  12. NoNameGiven says:

    at first I thought it was their father and I’m like “that’s not incest” then I realized it’s Itachi so ok. Very nice pic.

  13. Darkus says:

    It is a very good picture, great job. Now wait a NarutoxKushina…………. I’ll be back and I say, is that Sara we love and we will soon see at least a Stripped to her………… I can not really expect to see a picture of it.

  14. Over9000 says:

    incest week….? cool.. you should do every week with a certain theme like this…

    Mikoto looks awesome.. this must of been how the Uchiha Massacre started. see while Itachi is doing is mom, his dad walks in on them. so Itachi had no choice to him his dad, but he couldnt leave any witnesses so out goes Mikoto.

    right after Itachi kills his parents his uncle and aunt stops by to visit and witnesses the dead bodies. well Itachi had to kill them on the spot.

    and coincendently more Uchihas, 1 after another kept witnessing Itachi’s murders, and 1 after another Itachi had to kill em.

    this is the true reason why and how the Massacre happened. all started from a lil incest lol.

    poor Sasuke

  15. Uzumaki Naruto says:

    I must prefer to see “I must test my powers pt.2″. In an Image with Karin x Sasuke (Eternal Manguekyou Sharingan.)in a Cowboy. or one with Hinata x Naruto (With Rikudo Mode, or Six Seals Mode or Kyuubi control, like you want to say.)
    in a doogie.
    Good Pic After All.

  16. Cheese burger says:

    Lol who has stole itachis ass xD it’s vanished xD

  17. nicholas says:

    awesome job as always rex< i love this incest thing you got going this week. keep 'em coming :)

  18. ??? says:

    the real reason why sasuke wanted to kill itachi

  19. Uzumaki Naruto says:

    @Cheese burger

    You… freaking gay. Why you pay most atention to Itachi’s Ass?

    I mostly like to watch Mikoto’s breast. or his good body.

    Well if you are a gurl its Ok.

    But if you are a guy, how lame. we have a gay here.

  20. GodOfPeace says:

    Reˇx I think you forgot to add ‘anal’ tag.^^ I just realized now, that its anal as well.

    (Saara stripped FTW! – I know, I should stop repeating myself, but I’m glad that a lot of you wants to see her too.^^)

  21. LM says:

    Your Mikoto keeps getting better and better. Such a sexy raven haired mother

  22. Uzumaki Naruto says:

    GodOfPeace have the reason.

    I’ll be glad to watch one hentai pic with her. or a “Striped” after all. thumb’s up to GodOfPeace. But well i too will repeat the theme of “I must test my powers” cuz Naruto already is going to fight in his new mode. (Six Seals Mode, Rikudo Mode, Kyuubi control mode. what ever.)
    And as well Kishimoto will show us the new eyes of Sasuke, that we know as “Eternal Manguekyou Sharingan” the ultimate level of the Sharingan that already Madara have.

    After all i repeat a Reverse CoyBoy with Karin x Sasuke (Manguekyou Eternal.) or a Doggie in a Hinata x Naruto (Rikudo Mode.)

    Or well another, Chouji’s Butterfly mode (i really dont know his name but i named like that xD.) with Ino i think.

    And.. Rex must kick out gay people that enters here.

  23. Rva says:

    An incest week huh? That does sound exciting. This is the second pic this week, right? So that means that there is probably room for 3 more because doesn’t usually post pics on weekends. I can’t wait to see what the others are going to be, we’ve already seen the Sand trio and the Uchiha. Here are the other families I can think of


    I know that there might be more, but this is all I could think of, who will be next?

    @Rex: Love Mikoto’s tits, Nice Work!

  24. IwanttofuckMikotoUntilshecan'tfeelherassanymore says:

    What I wouldn’t give for that body.

  25. josh vergil says:

    very good sasuke the fathers of like me

  26. madmonk7 says:

    great pic. I love mikoto pics

  27. Rva says:

    Someday this site should have a lesbian pic of Kushina and Mikoto.

  28. jong 2x says:

    can’t get enough of incest :D ino and her father would be an epic incest 5/5

  29. LM says:

    1000% agreement with Rva

  30. pain says:

    We need the Naruto and Kushina

  31. Chaos says:

    I freaking love mikoto. More milfs like kushina and mikoto is always a welcome:)

  32. Random Reviewer says:

    I support the incest week lol…and what would an incest week be without some Naruto x Kushina?!

    Though, if you prefer variety, we still haven’t seen a Hinata x Hanabi one (just them), or Shikamaru and his mom!

    Thanks for the two great pics!

  33. Epilepsy says:

    Best I’ve ever seen of Mikoto. Bravo!

    You need to make a doujin series.

  34. namichan says:

    I wish that was me getting hammered by itachi *cries*

  35. virgil says:

    rex someday your going to be a famous with this work or maybe your already have ^^ good work .

  36. memerk says:

    I hope you will do a Kushina x Mikoto for a mother day theme.

  37. rommy says:


    he did all those girls already

    he only needs a pic of Queen Sara

  38. Hey Angel says:

    REX excellent pic mikoto is lucky having her sexy son doin her with his giant sexy dick. It is must feel so goooooood. Anyways REX i reckon you should start making doujins n videos. u r soo good i bet those doujins n videos will be so good! :)

  39. jong 2x says:

    tell me if anyone of you know this, but how long does it take rex to complete one artwork?

  40. Cheese burger says:

    @ Uzumaki Naruto

    That was only a joke so shut the fuck up and go fuck your Dog or Cat or what ever!

  41. Kushina says:

    As far as incest goes, this is spectacular. However, while we’ve seen Gaara and his Mom, we haven’t seen Kankuro and his Mom have sex. OR, even better, BOTH Kankuro and Gaara fucking their Mom for Mother’s day. And maybe Temari can join in. ;)

  42. someone says:

    @kushina you read my thoughts. XD wouldn’t a sand orgy pic be awsome? XP :D i was just about to suggest that, all while being caught up with the hotness of this pic. Mikoto FTW! shre looks good with anyone!

  43. sasuke says:

    esta de lujo esta escena este mes sera de incesto ,por que no hacen una orgia de incesto kushina con naruto,sasuke con mikoto e itachi,gaara con karura y kankuro, kiba con tsume su madre seria de locos.

  44. fan :) says:

    I posted your request as a member :D

  45. LM says:

    We’ve already had a Temari pic for incest week

  46. Ikre says:

    I´m for a footfetish week :)

  47. sushi says:

    gai sensei and hinata

    Episode 167: planetary devastation

  48. naruino fan says:

    can a member please request a threesome with queen sara, minato and naruto called protecting the queen

  49. Rex Rox! says:

    Sorry but What? Incest week..month? are you guys out of your minds or do you practice incest in real life? I Like incest Pics and All that but not everyone likes it, and i Just Can´t agree with some nonsense Incest week or month… Variation is the best and you aren´t Rex´parents to say that we should do this and that… I think everybody agrees that another Series should be put here, So i like FOOT FETISH SERIES, i see incest pics in here and i don´t mind, but a whole week with them… Do some Foot Fetish Pictures if you please Rex.. it´s a great Series that need more pictures in it, and remember, dislike this and you Want FOOT FETISH PICTURES AS WELL!! ^^ anywas, keep up the good work and don´t let anyone rule you Rex, don´t forget the Foot Fetish Series for all your fans of your work

  50. Billy says:

    More Mikoto Uchiha!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. god of doom says:

    what is with all the naruto x kushina request i know it is incest week but still.its just weird

  52. katienator says:

    now see this picture is amazing there is nothing like having a beautiful lady with a hot bloke

  53. Pro says:

    Sara is ver y sexy…

  54. Saturnina Taibi says:

    It is highly helpful for me. Huge thumbs up for this site post!

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