Posted on: April 24th, 2011 by Rex 28 Comments
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Requested by witcher

28 Responses

  1. Gaaranko says:

    Jajajajajajaja XD very good for next
    gaara x anko yes?

  2. dragonfly82 says:

    that’s an odd request you got there Rex,
    anyway, Kurotsuchi looks hot…

  3. andrews says:

    haha great pic I wasnt expecting this pairing but Kurotsuchi looks perfect in this pixxx.

  4. Grumpywinter says:

    Ehhhh, I think that would have been much better with Naruto or Madara, but whatever lol

  5. Deidara says:

    LOL this picture is hilarious but hott and the same time :D keep up the great work Rex !

  6. Sazuke34 says:

    Well, Kurotsuchi is perfect, but the old codger doesn`t fit in the picture hehehehe.

  7. DJ Hentai says:

    why she with that old gezer lol !!

  8. derp says:

    hahaha oh wow

  9. Mr. Locke says:

    @DJ & Grumpywinter
    It was the whole point and that’s why he is doing her XD
    Nice R-e-x, it is really funny ;-)

  10. someone says:

    two amazing pictures on a sunday……’bows down to you’

  11. A1234 says:

    lol, Onoki is STANDING! He’s so short that he needs to be standing to get into her the right way in such position!

    lol….shouldn’t he be like…1 inch?

  12. Synyster says:

    More of her, less of him

  13. rommy says:

    this pic makes me laugh more than get horny XD

    well done rex ol pal

  14. susanno says:

    ohh shit !!!! Kurotsuchi is fucking AWESOME :D i would like to see her with sasuke

  15. rommy says:

    XDDDD she’s gona break his back even more if they go cowgirl lmao

  16. popsqually says:

    brilliant, that is ill

  17. animalbing says:

    nice work rex
    this is the funnest picture ever xD

    Ken you do naruto x ino ;p

  18. Chip Douglas says:

    Haha nice

  19. Bob-Clarkson-nikkuhz says:

    Onoki is so god damn hot, what a man. Massive balls too I’d imagine.

  20. Narutofan says:

    Its so cook. I love Kurotsuchi. :)

  21. ??? says:

    “my sweet pussy”

  22. UCHIHALEADER says:

    Kurotsuchi is sexy as hell!

  23. josh says:

    buena porque el pezon se lo esta apretando en el suelo muy bien

  24. Zrodeath says:

    wat great pic

    great position and kurotsuchi looks hot

  25. Over9000 says:

    Lol this is sexy and comical at the same time

  26. Chip Douglas says:

    She looks like shizune

  27. abuzurami says:

    great pic rex

  28. katienator1 says:

    itachi obveously would be better

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