Posted on: March 7th, 2011 by Rex 30 Comments
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Requested by Vergil Sparda

30 Responses

  1. Darkus says:

    Good picture…….. I wondered if Rex haras no pictures with character as Sasame, Yakumo, Isaribi…… you know girls fill……. I hope these images

  2. Zacra says:

    Dude. DUDE. This is the hottest picture you’ve uploaded in a while.
    Unbelievably great job, Rex!

  3. Palpatine says:

    Absolutely fantastic… Once again, great job Rex!

  4. joemar says:

    keep all the fourth shinobi world war references coming… speaking of that, how about tsunade X shikaku or kakashi X sakura

  5. amaterasu says:

    Very good more hinata

  6. Smoker says:


    Great work as always

    I want to make a request :

    Plz could you do tsunade fucked by danzo after the konoha’s attack by pain (she is lying on her bed and sleeping)

    You can call it : “the root rule”

  7. Lovekiss says:

    Smoker: Excellente idée =)
    J’avais fait la même demande il y a plusieurs mois.

  8. someone says:

    How can this be soo damn HOT!!!! XD drooling right now. :D

  9. tsukotarasu says:

    “Incest in the morning! 97.1″

  10. Smoker says:

    Lovekiss j’adore cette idée

    Hope Rex will do it with a wonderfull picture as i always do ^^

  11. Ideas Ninja says:

    Awesome work Rex! but you forgot to draw in Hinata’s ear again

  12. Mr. Locke says:

    Yay!!! Another Hinata pic!!! XD

  13. namichan says:

    I hate to admit she actually should be with him though thier related

  14. narusaku says:

    plz rex plz plz naru<3saku naru<3saku naru<3saku
    and do maney pi because u don`t do this pics maney time

  15. Naruto says:

    slacking rex….

  16. Sharinnengan says:

    Rex can you make bondage rin getting raped by rock ninjas like in kakashi’s gaiden. title:”War Prisoner” thanks rex.

  17. Gaaranko says:

    Kkankuro x hinata
    gaara x hinata
    baki x sakura o tayuya

  18. tsukotarasu says:

    Don’t feed the troll. (Naruto)

  19. Naruto says:

    faker Naruto! don’t troll Rex! >:l

    btw, nice pic Rex! your doing better and better with pictures especally the shading

  20. Cavpal says:

    I hate the Hyuuga, all of them…
    but there’s wincest in this,
    so I’m conflicted >.<
    PS: the artwork is very good and is clear that Rex is improving steadily.
    Keep up the good work!

  21. *w* says:

    OH HINATA-SAMA!! *-*

  22. justadream says:

    Your work is aboslutely fantastic!I know you’re spending a lot of your free time to do it.So tnx.And if you could do a picture with Itachi and Mei Terumi it would be great.I know that there is no connection between them.:D But still I would like a photo with them!;;)

  23. NoNameGiven says:

    I like the BDSM, but not that big of a fan of the incest. I wish Kishi would give us some new female characters in this war. Maybe do one with the Gold and silver brothers double teaming Samui? Or an Anko x Kabuto one with snake bondage. Just some Suggestions I really like your work.

  24. Mr. Locke says:

    I saw a suggestion with Kabuto-snake and Anko while ago, so maybe one day R-E-X will draw it…

  25. I Love Konan^^ says:

    Heh nice name))

  26. Blueblitz says:

    Nice! I love to see Hinata getting fucked.

    Make Madara fucking Tsunade in the ass doggy style and in the background Sasuke is raping Shizune and label it “First move against Konoha”

  27. rudi says:

    try drawing more Amaru
    create more dong

  28. anonimo says:

    ojala agan uno de neji con ino chupandosela neji amo a neji es muy sexy agan mas

  29. victor daniel says:

    quiero que naruto le joda el culo a hinata con una doble penetrasion con clon jusu

  30. victor daniel says:


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