Posted on: January 17th, 2011 by Rex 25 Comments
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Requested by winter

25 Responses

  1. X_x i love Konan^^ says:

    This pairing-sucken sheet
    Rex please Do plenty of other characters, not one exists in this Naruto anime, he is half worthy of what you drew, I hate it

  2. wolf191000 says:

    Not bad Rex, I like the style and the colouring of this work and I may not be a big fan of the whole student and teacher thing, but that dosen’t mean this art work isn’t HOT Well Done.

  3. SweetBlow says:

    I miss Naruto’s right arm grabbing her too. But nonetheless a fantastic pic in my opinion. Great position: never seen so far. Great body proportions and again amazing and fitting facial expressions.
    –> Number two after *Happy Ending* in my 2011-pic-ranking

    By the way I hope I don’t annoy you rex but will you PLEASE create an animated gif-version of *Happy Ending*? Would be awesome and you would be able to add another facet to this side ;) and I know you are capable of doing it.

  4. rasengan says:

    Fantastic work, Dude. Cool pair and just freaking hot pose. Studying Genjutsu is really very hard training.
    P.S. I’m so badly love this super critique like “This pic is sucks because you drew him or her” God sake, Guys when you finally realize that this is only your problem, someone you love and whom you hate, especially hate; Me very pissed Karui, Tsunade, Raikage, Kunkuro, but who cares, and when you finally understand what Rex willn’t ignore a few dozens requests and few thousands of fans of some character only through one or more haters especially when these haters even non-members
    So, please stop writing here its incredible “objectively critique” because it’s really annoying

  5. X_x i love Konan^^ says:

    I just want to see more of the other characters
    With Naruto’s too many pictures, almost every first we can see it
    But what other interesting couples and ideas?

  6. someone says:

    yay a new pic, i like the concept and the title. maybe a little too much naruto recently (i mean there ARE other male characters XD) but if that’s what the members are requesting, (which apparently they are) as long as there are new posts each day or so i’m more than happy. :P

  7. GodOfPeace says:

    I don’t understand this.. :) What does it matters that who is the male char?:P Who cares really, the female char(s)’ are much important, isn’t them?:

    Btw, its a nice pic, and yeah a nice pose too, I just love when you are in an experiment-mood Rex, & I always appreciate when you come up with something New. Unfortunately we can’t see too much from this point of view, but its still hot, so Great job!^^ 4/5 by me.=)

  8. Jocker says:

    Yay finally naruto fucks kurenai i think its 1st time :) I really enjoyed this :)

  9. JohnnyBoy617 says:

    Naruto gets a lot of pussy in these pics lol Good work Rex.

  10. Chaos says:

    Wow I love this first time pairing Rex and you did a wonderful and flawless job on it! I like it how you changed Naruto’s facial expression to no longer the one where he closes his eyes. Honestly, after seeing Shikamaru pound Kurenai from the back from the “Asuma’s last wish” picture, I wanted to see more Kurenai. Keep up the good work Rex!

  11. Mr. Locke says:

    Nice picture and very original position, too bad I can’t see her nipples.I hope that she’ll get some action with Konohamaru soon XD

  12. andrews says:

    Great pic Rex I was looking foward for this pairing,nice job!!!
    Why is a lot o people complaining about naruto being in lots of pics in this site I really dont understand if Rex draws naruto people complain, if he draws sasuke people complains,if he draws kushina with someone who isnt minato or Naruto people compalin I really dont understand!!
    I prefer to see naruto in a pic than Sasuke!!

  13. MIC says:

    Hell yeah! Naruto is back! Nice image Rex.

  14. jupmod says:

    I like seeing Naruto bang the older women. Let’s see… You done Kurenai, Shizune, I think there’s one with Tsunade. Hmmmm… Ever think of doing one of Naruto fucking Anko? :)

  15. Mr. Locke says:

    There was already pic where he fucked Anko…

  16. tonny says:

    awesome picture, nice older woman ^^

  17. Superchick says:

    Nice job Rex. I always love your picture which Naruto bang another woman who is older than him.

    Here is some idea
    Kurotsuchi with Naruto: Bondage style where Naruto is the one being dominated
    Yugao with Naruto: Training on how Naruto with again the katana user.
    Anko with Naruto: Snake style training.

    Also hope you can show more emotion on women character.

    Have nice day and keep post new picture. XD

  18. Jokerman123 says:

    Naruto’s face is a major turn on

  19. Cavpal says:

    From Naruto’s face I’d say that She must be still very tight!
    Astounding work Rex and Kudos for the totally nude characters ♥_♥

  20. Itachi_7 says:

    Very nice pairing here, wouldn’t mind seeing more of that. :D

  21. minato74 says:

    trop bonne cette image et j’ai quelques idees d’images: naruto avec samui le titre serait konoha vs kumo mei terumi avec naruto le titre je vais devenir hokage et enfin naruto et karui le titre serait ne dit plus du mal de sasuke

  22. ........ says:

    great pic REX for once naruto actually looks sexy i guess especially his hair n face expression good job

  23. narukure says:

    Great pic could you do one with naruto and kurenai in a reverse cow girl with narutos head on her soulder in a training groung with the rookie nine in the background looking shocked

  24. FangoverFang says:

    Awesome picture Rex I want to see more of this.

  25. sasuke5910 says:

    I like it i think that kurenai is enjoying it to not only naruto i love it.

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