Posted on: December 29th, 2010 by Rex 30 Comments
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Hey guys. I just came back from my xmas vacation. sorry to keep you guys wondering and waiting, well, heres my post that was supposed to be for christmas day. oh well... its better late than never! Happy Holidays to all of you!!

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  1. Maito Gai says:

    Very nice! Hope you enjoyed your vacation, Rex. We all appreciate your art very much.

  2. iffritman56 says:

    Well, it looks for once, I’m first. Its good to see you back, rex. After all, six days without hentai is torture!! Jj. Now about the picture itself, its not bad, but there are still some flaws in it. Sai is supposed to be emotionless, so giving him Naruto’s usual expression is a little off. Now the opposite’s for Yamato. Sure he’s an Anbu but he still shows emotion. Yet, he looks blank in this one. Unless…Yamato swings the other way…(dodges Mokuton jutsu). The one is done perfectly is Kakashi and Shizune, as the characters keep their personality, I guess (can’t really tell with Kakashi’s mask on…). Again, I’m not making a request, merely a character request for Yugito Nii. Well, Merry Post-Christmas and Happy Early New Year!

  3. nasake says:

    dont worry, it’s worth the wait, awesome job and hope you had a great xmas

  4. kibazuka says:

    This is the best Hentai xmas present ever!You did a great job on everyone!Keep up the great work :)

  5. Sazuke34 says:

    Hi again Rex, XD, I just gotta say that it`s much better to be without pictures and have you on vacations, than be without pictures and have you sick, definetly you should take some weeks of vacations once in a while, family and health go first, ya know, hehehe. Also, thank you very much for this masterpiece, I really like Sakura`s and Shizune`s expression!!!

  6. Suigetsu says:

    Heya rex! Happy christmas! dont worry everyone needs and deserves a good holiday vacation with its loved ones ^.^

    anyways the pic is awesome! altough if it would had been pure naruto kagebunshins it would had been ace.

    Naruto is the sole character that can gangbang any chick by himself hahaha.

  7. tsukotarasu says:


  8. X-Light says:

    Hey Rex hopefully you had an awesome xmas with all your family & friends!
    Must have been great having this first xmas with your baby girl ^^

    Now for the pic, 7 people, that’s a big nº right, a lot of people here will get happy since they are crazy about those huge orgy, (not really me lol, think 3 or 4 people are enough)

    Hopefully this new year you will keep your art in top as always

    Keep It Up The Good Work Rex

  9. X_x says:

    Very nice job,this pic amazing)
    I hope you enjoyed your vacation welcome back))

  10. Sai-X says:

    Amazing pic Rex :)

    And Happy holidays too

  11. Sanders says:

    Welcome back Rex, I missed your art ;-)
    I hope you had a great vacation and now you can draw more of these magnificent pictures ;-)
    You even surpassed you previous orgy pics… WOW 7 people!!!
    I wasnt expecting something like that XD
    I like the picture and I hope that you draw more today and it would be great if you could draw one of mine suggestions already ;-)
    Welcome back and happy new year!!!!

  12. caluto says:

    very good picture should do one where Naruto has control of Jinchuriki and to enlarge their penis and this with konan, ino and sakura

  13. Y2N says:

    Hey tsunade! A long time no see…

  14. someone says:

    interesting, interesting…seven people,you’ve really outdone yourself this time, happy holidays!

  15. kibazuka says:

    I have to say,I am very impressed with this one.Two people are hard to do,let alone 7!!And it’s it’s perfect because it has a good combination of dicks and boobs.Plus,they all have very convincing expressions. :)

    I hope you had a great Christmas Rex and everyone here,and also have a happy new year <3

  16. FaNgOvErFaNg says:

    Great pic, tsunades sucking it shizunes getting fucked from behind and sakura got 2 for pleasure.Keep up the great work.P.S (MORE KIBA)

  17. hachibi says:

    Shizune looks a bit jealous of Sakura fucking two guys.

  18. anonymus says:

    i want to request

    sakura get double penetrated by sai and sasuke titled “Sakura’s lifetime wish”

  19. Cavpal says:

    Finally another pic with Tsunade!
    Rex’ version is even better than her anime counterpart which is saying something.

  20. narusaku4eva says:

    awsome pic rex good job!!!!! :) )))))

  21. Hiruzen says:

    I would like to fuck Shizune!!!!

  22. YondaimeHokage says:

    Awesome work rex! I love sakura’s pose!
    How can i see your flash animations? Are they on the web yet?

  23. Rrr says:

    This is he’ll of an orgy pic, 7 people! I never expected that many and they all look perfect. But I’m particularly drawn to Shizune, look at that ass and Sakura and Tsunade look great too. It’d be cool if you did a New Year Orgy too, but that’s asking too much. Anyway great job and keep the good work up.

  24. naruto says:

    i want uzumaki mito

    1 hokage wife

  25. SweetBlow says:

    Good to see the first orgy after A LONG break.If there weren’t the background (looks QUITE empty and there are NO details. Drawing some presents or two sakebottles somehwere or a window which is showing the snowy landscape, thats what i am missing here)…

    Best thing: Facial expressions are great. I’m glad you gave Naruto this epic face, lol. Also a good character-mix and nice sex positions but it still seems that you merged three pics into one (the threesome and the two couples aren’t linked somehow). It seems like an orgy, yeah i know it is one, but i hope you know what i mean, in my eyes a GOOD orgy is when all acteurs act together [for example 6 acteurs: six-some and not three two-somes] Hope for the next monthly orgy you could draw maybe fewer acteurs, but more background- or room-details and more acteur-connections. Or for example two male²female threesomes but both girls are looking at each other or kissing or fingering or whatever. This way they would be all connected.

    Keep it up!!!

  26. josh says:

    muy buena la navidad la navidada es para celebrar haciendo sexo como la estan celebrando jajaja

  27. DeathlyHallows says:

    Sakura looks,4 once, PERFECT!!! :D all of them look great :)

  28. Sorrowful Hand says:

    I like how Sakura jerks off Naruto and watches him. Nice pic Rex.

  29. narutofan100 says:

    all three girls are hot

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