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  1. Sazuke34 says:

    First one!!!! XD Awesome Rex!!!

  2. Joey-Prowler says:

    damn second oh well nice pic though i never really liked her but u have changed my mind!!!

  3. Laughing Man says:

    I love this series, glad to see youre still going with it. Hope you get to Mikoto Uchiha.

  4. XXX3 says:

    like this girl, please post more and could you do some more of konan?

  5. slade says:


  6. as says:

    i want a hinata picture

  7. X_x says:

    Nice pic for the collection!!))

    I hope in the near future, you get to draw a girl from the village of Takumi^___^

  8. kiba-kun says:

    Nice pic. Though she never was one of my favorites but she drawn very well

  9. ankomitarashi says:

    anko stripped plz :D

  10. Sanders says:

    Rex, I dont want to be rude or ungrateful but could you please focus on more important characters?
    Like Mikoto or Fuuka?
    Im really looking forward to see Fuuka in this and bukkake series..
    THX in advance ;-)

  11. lovaoflover! says:

    can you do a fubukiXnaruto? its never been done before and it’d rock if you did that!!

  12. X-Light says:

    Nice to see some underrated chicks
    Now the pic, looks really nice, and the background is total (rep +) cool to see some differents theme around
    The cool thing about this serie is you never know which girl will come out next, and thats nice eheh

    Keep It Up The Good Work

  13. Lovekiss says:

    I don’t like Fubuki. She isn’t sexy.
    Sorry for the artist ;)

  14. sanji says:

    Cool work. She looks so freaking hot though she are only girl from movie but you drew her much better than some important characters.

  15. Niala says:

    Fubuki isn’t a popular girl in the Narutoverse but it’s rare to see her naked.

    Plz Rex a Orochimaru x Sakura pic


  16. someone says:

    so, you already have two picutures with someone so random and no pictures at all with the real female star of that movie? what gives? why does no one request some princess koyuki action? you have shion and amaru so why not the girl from the 1st movie?

  17. shemhazai says:

    Orichimaru X Sakura sounds good.
    What about kakashi X sakura?

  18. Blahblah says:

    I like how you are making pics of lesser characters.

    @Sanders There are already lots of pics of the “important” characters. You should let some of the lesser characters have their time to shine

  19. Lovekiss says:

    More picture with Sasuke.
    I think it gives a dark side to the pictures and appreciate fine.

  20. konan lover says:

    frist at all good work rex!!
    but we need konan hentai and hotaru stripped :D

  21. X_x says:

    KonanLover I agree with you whe neeeed more Konan and i am too Konan Lover;)

  22. GodOfPeace says:

    @konan lover: Rofl what do you mean by “Konan Hentai”? There are a bunch “hentai” pic with her already. And the Hotaru stripped is also done.

    Really nice pic by the way, as usual. I wonder who will be the next. And about the “lesser-characters”: I can agree with Blahblah, since if Rex wants to continue this series he has to pic from the side-chars now.
    If I’m right, all the main chars are already done in this series.

    Have a nice day.

  23. Sanders says:

    Dont tell me that you dont want to see:Mikoto, Anko, Karui, Amaru, Fuuka,Hana, Tsume, Karura, Naruko, Yoshino and I dont know who else


  24. UCHIHALEADER says:

    In the movie, she did had a fat ass! her clothes was stuck between her ass! nice wedge g.

  25. GodOfPeace says:

    @Sanders: Well, most of the “main-chars” are already done, so as I said, if this series will go on, then we will see a lot “lesser-char” either way, and I think, those girls you mentioned are also on the “non-so-important” list, but of course it depends on how we consider them.

    & I didn’t say that I dont want to see them, its fine by me; there are a lot smexy side-char girl too. (except Amaru, she’s ugly:P)

  26. Lovekiss says:

    I noticed they no longer saw much Kurenai, I think its a shame because this is one of the most beautiful in the manga.
    you would see this proposal in image?
    Shikamaru X Kurenai

  27. ZeRaTuL says:

    Awesome pic . Can you make one NarutoXFubuki pic , with the title “Extreme conditions ” , please ?

  28. Rva says:

    Naruto x Tsunade, Jiraiya x Sakura

  29. GodOfPeace says:

    @Sazuke34: She has fuzzier eye bros than Lee & Gai sensei together.:P And she is more like a guy, than a girl.=P

    No offense anyway, I just dont really like her at all (and I didn’t even loved the movie though) but its just my opinion only. But.. there are tons of girls in ‘naruto’ who are prettier & sexier than she, you have to admit it.:P

    (Oh & BTW, the ‘princess’ (or what0.o) in the upcoming forth movie, now.. she IS pretty!:P)

  30. Sazuke34 says:

    @GodOfPeace: First, I want to tell you thanks `cause you are sincere and respectful when you express your ideas. Second, I undersand what you say and I respect your opinion, but I like this character, and I also like the way Rex draw her just look at the ones Rex has already done. So, I hope Rex draw her in this collection of “Stripped” girls, but anyway I appreciate your respect and your comment, XD

  31. slyd says:

    PLeasse Rex Make one with Narutoxtsunade Or Jirayaxkonan Or Narutoxkushinaxmikoto

  32. ankomitarashi says:

    do a stripped anko plz!!

  33. X_x says:

    Jiraya x Konan is the desire to be in the box for ideas
    Very much like to see this picture.

    I do not care who is next in a series of stripped, the main thing that ultimately the collection was complete)
    Sory for my English

  34. Lovekiss says:

    Tsume Inuzuka X Hana Inuzuka

  35. Sanders says:

    Dont worry man ;-)
    Im working on it…

  36. Mind games says:

    I love tits.

  37. Lovekiss says:

    Thanks Sanders
    I think we do not see often enough;)
    and sorry for my English because i’m french

  38. marc says:

    elle est sexy fubuki et tu devrai pendant un moment arreter les filles qu’on voi tro souvent et mettre ganre hotaru shiho hana tsume fuuka fu mikoto kushina tu voi sque jveu dire

  39. marc says:

    elle est hot la pics essai de faire plus de konan

  40. kingnamikaze says:

    I wonder why Rex never makes pics of Koyuki. Hopefully he will make his first a ( STRIPPED) pic

  41. narutokushina says:

    please rex =) kushina which one boob fucking (russian/titty-fucking) naruto

  42. marc says:

    why you not put the photo weekend

  43. Sanders says:

    Rex is one man, he need to rest and he have family…
    Give him a break ;-)

  44. Lovekiss says:

    Kyubi X Kushina

  45. X_x says:

    Hmm…nice idea: lesbian pic Karura x Temari ^^
    what do you think about this guys?

  46. yamiNaruto says:

    Already is such request in S.B. I mean Karura x Temari
    Rex you should make some pic with Naruko especially after this :

  47. ddd says:

    can some member request a lesbian pic with konan on it please ;)

  48. yamiNaruto says:

    don’t worry dude in the S.B. exist a some requests a lesbian pics with konan: a few with konan and chikushodo, one with konan and sakura and one with konan kushina and hinata

  49. X_x says:

    I want see Konan with Temari) because it’s my favorites girls in this anime

  50. someone says:

    kingnamikaze, that’s my pondering too.rex is becoming more and more talented at his work though. :)

  51. Noble says:

    Well, I hate this character, but in this picture she is so hot. You drew her really good, she looks so innocent.
    Sorry for my english.

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