Posted on: November 26th, 2010 by Rex 47 Comments
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So many of you asked for Yugao. well,  hope this'll make you happy.

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  1. Sanders says:

    I guess that this is this Anbu girl?
    Great and this is a first time that you actually drew a weapon :-)
    Next time do that too, like in my IGNORED suggestion “Kunoichi Training”, ok?
    That would be nice and Im sure that your fans would appreciate it ;-)
    Have great day PIXXX MASTER

  2. Ady says:

    Awesome work thank you for reading my suggestion

  3. SweetBlow says:

    wow so many new pics,

    nice body she has, but don’t you think stripped becomes boring when almost all women are posing in the same position just with little differences? The Katana is nice but that’s not what I mean..

  4. X-Light says:

    Great new pic Rex, really love her expression and body language, and the sword was a great touch there, the stripped serie is my favourite one with no doubt, well done man

    And @Sanders, you don’t really know when to give up don’t you, anyway

    Keep It Up The Good Work Rex

  5. narutofan100 says:

    yugao has a nice body and the sword is a nice touch

  6. Sanders says:

    I see that most of people here dont understand english language very well(what is visible in comments), they dont get what I mean
    and they accuse me of something…
    So let me tell you:
    Im not telling Rex to draw “Kunoichi Training” but to draw more pics that involves kunai, scrolls, katanas & shurikens, because IMHO it is nice addition to the pic.
    So I suggest you to read my comment 20 times if you dont understand it, then start accusing me.

  7. kindnaruto says:

    word cant describe this picture

  8. kindnaruto says:

    rex u should draw new style for stripped example girl lying down on bed sleeping etc

  9. leon S. keneddy says:

    Just excellent. Yugao’s body so sexy and tempting her face so sweet and idea with katana is very interesting

  10. SweetBlow says:

    Sanders your *like in my IGNORED suggestion “Kunoichi Training”, ok?* said everything (,especially the capitalised word). I agree with X-Light, just get over it already!

    Cool Comments that aren’t well-rated get hidden. Cool thing but I hope objective criticism won’t be disabled, because criticism is no spam that should be hidden. Well we will see in future
    I am curious: Can you also score our comments rex? :D

    *Other arts:* fits better than the old sentence, thx for fixing

  11. X_x says:

    I love stripped series!!
    Yagao Beautiful and dangerous;)

    Please draw Samui or Nii or Karui… to the next stripped

  12. Att says:

    That’s good to see some characters forgotten since long (last time we see Yugao it was at Sandaime’s funeral!).

  13. kindnaruto says:

    i alway wanted to be a ninja and use a katana i so jealous of Yugao

  14. Rrr says:

    Great stripped pic like how you added the sword and I agree kindnaruto with the whole bed thing.

    Samui, Karura, Fū, Matsuri or Fubuki for next stripped

  15. Love69 says:

    first i want to tell you that your pictures are getting better and better with each day and second i would like to suggest gaara fucking naruto’s sexy no jutsu cuz i haven’t seen gaara fucking naruko and i havent seen naruko from long time but it is just a suggestion. peace

  16. TeenFlash09 says:

    This is NOT a request, its more of a suggestion:
    Rex, you try using fogotten characters having sex, like HakuxTsunami or InarixTsunami. Other suggestions would be HakuxMei and making it look like futanari, another would be YukimaruxGuren.

  17. Sanders says:

    I’ve always wanted to see Yukimaru & Guren…
    But unless a member suggests it…
    You know the rest :-)

  18. Blahblah says:

    Awesome pic as always Rex. I wouldn’t mind seeing matsuri next :)

    @Sanders please can you stop with the “if a member suggested my” and other things like that. After posting it so many times it’s starting to grate on people

  19. Sazuke34 says:

    Rex, I just can say that your work gets better and better, the clear example of this is this pictures Yugao looks fucking hot, specially when you focus on the details, her position, her expression, her proportions, her sword even the backgroud, totally a masterpiece, awesome.
    Note: Rex I hope you don`t forget “Stripped (Amaru)” hehe, XD

  20. me says:

    Look i dont even know if u are ever gonna read this, but this pic right here is imo the best so far. You have talent, keep it up rex.

  21. kindnaruto says:

    i would love to vote for the girl that has the less picture example karura who only has 1picture on it

  22. kindnaruto says:

    @rex nice upgrade u give to narutopixxx now i can find picture more quickly

  23. Sexyduck says:

    Can u put Yugao n Karin in a pic together and put them both in a “worms eye view” ? Thanks ur awesome!!!

  24. slyder says:

    It’s very very awesomme roberts good job!
    and pleasse make my uchiha idea: itachi fuck his Mother in doggy style and call it ‘uchiha incest part.2′

  25. kindnaruto says:

    @slyder isnt that called a request?

  26. Mari says:

    Great pic! She looks beautiful and sexy! <3

  27. dying wish says:

    Hey Rex….

    I wasn’t a memeber all along, but I do have something to say. I have cancer… in my blood… and I have 2 months to live… This is no joke and I fking hate it that I got this…

    I am a big fan of Kushina, a REALLY big one, and I was hoping that you woul make Kushina giving somebody a deepthroat, with small eyes, cuz she is suproed the dick is so long, hopefully from first person mode ( that you look at her when she gives you the deepthroat. ) and call it, MILF,

    Would you plz give me this as a dying wish? And if you don’t believe you, I can give you my MSN, and I can turn on the webcam ore something to show you the letter of the hospital, I’ll do anything to proof it, but plz, make my request even though it’s in the comment box, anyways, this is also one of the last time this month for me to have a laptop, so I also say, thank you for al those pics, they were great. cya another time, ore never…

  28. Sexyduck says:

    Love ur pics! Can u make Karin give a boobjob?

  29. HHH says:

    So beauty! Please can u draw Konan teen with Jiraiya or a really hot Kushina masturbation? Thank u =o.

  30. ddd says:

    @kindnaruto he dindt actually do any upgrade cause he used to have the website like this a long time ago

    @HHH WTF stop stealing my ideas I about teen konan u jerk and u need to be a member to suggest

    can a member please tell rex to do teen konan and the konan from right know or with another girl thx

  31. x says:

    really awesome pic cuz she is hot

  32. yamiNaruto says:

    Another brilliant diamant in strip-series. Excellent just excellent artwork. Girls with weapons always is looks a more sexual especially when they fully naked, her proportions is perfect and so sexy, her face expressions is beautiful and amazing.

  33. kindnaruto says:

    @ddd lol then how come now then i found out that u can vote people comment up and u go to next picture faster and u can go the last picture with just 1click last time i wan to find my picture is so hard XD

  34. SweetBlow says:

    first of all i want to appreciate that you are varying your arts.

    rex it would be really awesome if you can draw a monthly orgy pic, I know it’s a lot of work even when there are only 4 or 5 people. there hasn’t been an orgy pic for a long time now :)

    oh and you could propably do a *masturbating* series someday. ATM there are a lots of series running parallel and i like it this way

    one more request: PLZ create at least one kissing image. I guarantee that people will like it. I scanned all 348 Pictures (FUCKING AWESOME YOU ARE !!!!) and didn’t find any. (*Trading Partners* with both girls kissing each other would have been epic for example).

    thx for reading and keep it up!

    @ pic lol: are you kidding? 200 votes and a 4,96 voting average? Incredible, i never thought that THIS pic would become the most and best voted Oo (it’s a good picture, but nothing special in my eyes – and there are a few far more incredible pictures)

  35. ddd says:

    @kindnaruto ok sorry my bad i was just saying

  36. Sanders says:

    Dude, can you check for me if there are any suggestions for Yuukimaru & Guren in SB?
    THX in advance…

  37. X_x says:

    HHH/ Konan x Jiraya very hot idea/ i wanted see this.

  38. kindnaruto says:

    @ddd i never scold u or anything dont need to say sorry =D

  39. yamiNaruto says:

    @ Sanders: Unfortunately no has, sorry
    @ SweetBlow I’m quite agree with you about gangbang and the voting for this strip-pic
    And guys lolli don’t allowed here anymore so forget about teen konan and other teen girls

  40. tsukotarasu says:

    So are both Rin and Matsuri both out of the question now? It’s a little unclear because Rin was 13 years old in the series, yet she was in a recent pic. I would still love to see a Matsuri stripped pic.

  41. Niala says:

    Great pic Rex. Your Yugao is really awesome with her look a little haughty, her katana and the background is successful. Bravo

    Please can you draw a pic with Sakura and Konan in 69 position and they use kunai instead of dildos and call it ”Preparation for Naruto” (if you draw a new series with girls and weapons)

  42. Blahblah says:

    @yamiNaruto if your saying forget teen konan and other teen girls doesn’t that rule out Rex making pics of most naruto girls because most of them are teens in the series. I was under the impression that the no loli was for characters such as Hanabi

  43. yamiNaruto says:

    @ Blahblah
    the rule “Strictly NO LOLLI/YAOI!!!” here was presented not long ago, precisely in October, but I still don’t understand (and not only me) what was done previously pics with such young girls like Moegi and Hanabi and then claim what these girls not allowed here anymore. So, ask personally in Rex about this confusion, not in me

  44. Blahblah says:

    @yamiNaruto Fair enough. I see where your coming from

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