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Hey hey hey Jokerman123, sorry for waiting for a long time. thanks for your patience and i hope you like this one.

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64 Responses

  1. oturan says:

    it would be better if hinata was bent over a table in this same position i mean it looks like naruto is barely supporting her leg it seems painful for hinata still an awesome pic though

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  2. LONGNOSE 38. says:


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  3. KleineFlocke says:

    Omg I LOVE this picture! You know, its very difficult to find a good porn for a hetero girl because there is very often a naked woman an her pussy in scene, but that doesnt make me really horny. But I love your works because you draw very great faces of boys! My favourite is Naruto and I love this face on this picture ;-)

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  4. josh says:

    me gusta este trio porque naruto metiendosela y hinata gozando y mamandosela a kiba vamos hinata que despues vamos aser sexo anal

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  5. ........ says:


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  6. Noble says:

    Fantastic, Naruto/Hinata is my favorite couple and the Kiba/Hinata is the only one couple i could accept for her. I really like the fact that she is playing with Kiba’s balls.

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  7. Jokerman123 says:

    I friggin love you

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  8. dude says:

    what kind of retarded way of arguing is that anyways?
    “there was a pic of zombies raping Ino, so anything below that isnt rape but childish pranks”, REALLY?
    thats fucked, seriously fucked up.

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  9. dude says:

    oh yeah please don’t copy your all original text.
    i mean, its just you copying a text i copied from another guy -.-
    ffs people, learn to read more than just the previous three posts…

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  10. rasengan says:

    OK I also think what these dicks too big, Hinata’s expressions could have been better and you really should been drew this fucking big stone, but all others …
    First: Position really weird but me like it (maybe I’m also sick) and as for me I prefer see pics with variety weird position than several hundred pics with doggy from various angles.
    Second: Hinata practically being raped, really? After “wonderful” pics with Madara/Konan and Zombies/Ino this pic looks childish pranks but not rape.
    Third: very gross disgusting and weaker pics o.O ? Seriously ? Here exist is much more disgusting and weaker pics than this.
    I think this pic is not bad, position really very original and so hot, their expressions is not bad, but Hinata’s could had a look more happy, me like how you drew her body: proportions and position and I love when she wearing her sweater. Nice work
    P.S. This is only my modest opinion, and big request don’t copy my comments for “constructive critcism”

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  11. Sanders says:

    @dawid92,N&K boob fucking and other who are asking for more…

    You have to be a member in order to request pics, even if you post them in comment they will be ignored, though maybe SOME members who like your ideas will request them…

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  12. dude says:

    ah okay, i will copy that “constructive critcism” then:
    badingness pic, not ideal but very gross and disgusting. This pose is just weird, their expressions look stupid and Hinatas forced facial expression is a turnoff.
    Hinata doesnt look adorable right now cause shes practically being raped, or at least double-teamed. Nothing adorable here. Kittens are adorable you sick ****.
    First: ???Jibberish jibberish??? there needs to be a stone for some reason, derp.
    Second: “Hinata must be in the her shoes because they have sex in forest (who ever was in the woods and tried to walk barefoot on the ground will understand me)” yeah standing on grass barefooted or sthg is horrible, especially for trained warriors.
    Third: Would been better if you draw cum flowing from her ears as if it is too much for her. then all perfectly understand why she looks so suprised.”
    Fourth: Their dickы really too big.
    However, even though you draw pretty well, this is one of your weaker pics and definately not good.

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