Posted on: September 27th, 2010 by Rex 115 Comments
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Requested by kal

115 Responses

  1. GFan says:

    Yay! Good one!

  2. uzumaki13 says:

    awesome picture
    i love kushina she is my fav
    great work rex!!
    please consider Ino for Bukakke

  3. SweetBlow says:

    Kushina, a damn hot mother.
    great pic rex, maybe a bit too bright

    My Suggestion:
    Title: “PaperCut”
    Konan and Jiraya in the following incredible HOT sex position:

    Thx for Reading :)

  4. Niala says:

    OMG, Kushina is really the sexiest woman of Naruto. Her look, her body and her way of holding her son is awesome.

    Could you make one of my requests if you have time please :
    - The Third Hokage fucking Kushina on the hokage’s desk and he grabs her breasts. Call it : “Necessary for the Succession”.

    - Jiraiya and Kushina in this position and call it “Become a Good Wife” or “The Real Father”

    - Tsunade and Young Kushina with her flashback outfit in scissors position and call it “You’ll Become Gorgeous”.

    - Temari and Kurotsuchi riding Naruto’s cock and mouth like this and call it “Earth, Wind and Fire” or “Jinchuriki’s Rest”.

    - Naruto sodomizes Hanabi in a hidden place and call it “Better than my Sister ?”

    Thanks Rex

  5. youngmoney says:

    dis is a good pic, but her ass is a lil 2 big but otherwise its still a good pic, keep up da good work, also how about a pic of naruto fucking fuuka and sakura licking fuuka`s tits while naruto is licking sakura`s pussy

  6. Defuck says:

    What a fucking beautiful ass ! Amazing incest just amazing. Hoping, that in not last time we could see this super hot pair. And about incest: when you finally going make lesbian incest? I mean mother with daughter and sister with sister.

  7. Rrr says:

    Great suggestion kal. I adore the position, the expression on each of their faces and kushinas ass!

    Could you please do my suggestion of Deidara (akatsuki style) + Kurotsuchi (Tsuchikages guard) in same style as “Sand Love” in the temple where Deidara fought Itachi and call it “Art is a BANG!”

  8. narutoliveris says:

    man lol plz make one with tenten big boobs titfuck naruto plz i beg u i beg for your mercy my cock is waiting

  9. Adam says:

    Her ass is a little to big, even considering a perspective, but it’s a very good picture.

    This reminds me of my suggestion – threesome with Minato/Kushina/and Sexy no Jutsu Naruto titled “Wanting a daughter”.

  10. tsukotarasu says:

    We’ve all been waiting for this one. Supurb job. One of your best IMO.

    “Relaxation After Training” – Sakura and Tsunade butt naked in a hot spring with Tsunade’s breasts pressed up against Sakura’s back and squeezing Sakura’s breasts from behind.

  11. TheAskaSinx says:

    please make karin boobjob to sasuke. thx rex

  12. Sarge says:

    Very sexy, and I love the light type affects you have too.

  13. yagura1 says:

    two new pic today thanks rex^^ kushina is one of the sexiest naruto girl very good picture rex^^

    here is my suggesstion:

    sakura and tenten in the position of scissor sakura and tenten are naked with only shoes and one foot is licked from both other with a dildo in the middle of pussies name “battle for the best sensei” please do more foot fetish there are no one

    thanks and sorry for my english^^

  14. sendo says:

    Damn, this is kinda hot, i never seen Kushina in the series, but damn she’s hot. Plz do one of my ideas posted in the previous pic when u get a chance. again, LOVE this pic!

  15. Dale says:

    Draw some AKAMARU pics

  16. X-Light says:

    Great pics today Rex
    The background of the pic kind a goes with the site one xD
    I don’t know if you or anyone else saw the last chapter of manga, but where Konan and Yahiko get close, i think that would give a great pic, since there was something going around there, i’ve been requesting those 2 characters a lot lately i know that, but ahhh, who cares
    I’m gonna give it a try, if you could do a pic of that moment it would be cool, title ”Treat You Right”

    Keep It Up The Good Work

  17. linalee says:

    WOW, SUPER WOW !!!!!!!
    Excellent ass ever. Kushina again to showed all how mother must educate his son in the narutoverse.
    But I think that’s is funny: kal is a big Hinata’s fun and first his suggestion was idea with Hinata in some position, now his is slighty change this request and ask make Hinata and Minato in position. Me very interesting; his idea with Hinata has a any one chance on succes or not ?
    And about my idea; Hinata dressed Naruto’s jacket and fucking with Naruto, licks pussy Naruko and named it “I love you both”, I’m very hoping what me do not have to wait another five months when you finally consider and my request.

  18. sanji says:

    Kushina super hot and super sweet as usual, This is only as for me but this pose very resembling “Fathers Day” with Hiashi and Hinata. Probably this position is a typical for incest in Konoha ^^ .
    Moar incest and especially lesbian incest !

  19. Sanders says:

    Great, Kushina looks very happy & proud of her son :-)
    Please Rex consider one of my requests for next project…
    My requests:
    -Sakura is on all fours on Hokage’s desk (naked – shoes only)sticking out her ass towards Tsunade whom open Sakura’s ass wide open, with her hands on her hunkers and is licking her butthole, while Sakura is sucking a strapon that Shizune is wearing.Shizune is crouching lowly on the opposite side of desk, she spreads her legs wide open and grabs with one hand her’s breast and the other hand she is placing on Sakura’s head.And give Shizune cool face expression like she’s having the best sucking in her life.Call it “After Class Lessons”.

    -Sakura is lying on back tied up like in a bondage, she spreads her legs wide open and wears only shoes, Tenten is sticking haft of the kunai knife up her ass/pussy and she twists her nipple.For better effect I propose you add toys near Tenten like vibrators and such… Call it “Kunoichi Training”.

    -Tsunade being double penetrated, she’s giving a handjobs to two other Pain’s bodies and finally she’s giving a blowjobs to the two remaining Pain bodies at the same time and call it “Six Paths of Pain” as background I suggest roof of Hokage office.

    -Anko is lying on her back with her legs spreaded and only with her shoes on, she’s grabbing both her own tits while Guren is lying near her and is sticking crystal up her pussy and placing hand on her knee or leg.Call it:”Almost like a twins” or something to “Twins” related.Oh, and give Guren face expression like she’s fermering her eyes and smiles lightly as she would just ask Anko:”Does this feel good?”.

    -Karura,Mikoto & Kushina like in exactly the same order as above-mentioned and the only difference is that Karura is licking Kushina’s foot and Mikoto is kissing with Kushina and call it:”Milf Club”.

    -Mei Terumi is fucking Tsunade with a strapon and kissing with her and she’s fondling Tsunade breasts at the same time, Kushina on the left sucks on Tsunade’s huge tit and Mikoto on the right is twisting Tsunade’s nipple with one hand and with the other hand she’s raising Tsunade’s arm and licks her armpit.Just like
    Call it:”Everybody loves Tsunade!!!”.

    I would like to see ”Everybody loves Tsunade!!!” but if its too much then how about “Milf Club” or “After Class Lessons”?
    Thank you and keep up the good job.

  20. Kal says:

    Superb image Rex, but there is a problem is that you’re wrong this suggestion was not me it was probably that of our ego is my suggestion:

    Minato and Hinata in this position except that Hinata has both arms pulled back and the title I thought (my future daughter) or (in my son’s girlfriend)Or choose a title that you like

  21. Corvus says:

    I’m pretty sure that should say “Requested by absolutely fucking everyone”. God damn this is fucking beautiful. Also, DAT ASS.

  22. leon S. keneddy says:

    Her ass indeed very huge but I can not lie to yourself, this pic is a miracle. Great work dude.
    P.S. I want also the lesbian incest.

  23. kushina yay! says:

    dude please make one of Haku(female) please man i think if she were a girl she would be so fucking hot

  24. Kal says:

    it was just to warn you that this suggestion is not what I asked it surely belongs to a our person, but it’s not very serious it was just to tell you not to forget my suggestion.
    thank you for your attention Rex

    Sorry for my English

  25. Rrr says:

    +1 for X-Lights request. Love to see that pic made in the near future

  26. KAz says:


  27. GANTZter says:

    Naruto looks like he is a gets fuck not Kushina. I can’t say what I find this ass perfect but me liked it. Naruto/Kushina is a canonic incest but don’t forget about another clans, especially Hyuuga and Yamanaka.
    If this idea don’t owned of kal, then maybe this idea from guy who called itself a ham, he the also very long time asked this couple.

  28. AAA says:

    Perfect incest, perfect ass, perfect image ! Kushina is the hottest mom in Konoha.
    Hinata being raped by Guren of strap-on, call it “Filler’s battle”

  29. Zro says:

    great picture
    hope to see more of naruto and kushina
    maybe a kagebunshin gangbang on kushina
    oh and a red headed naruto with kushina

    still hoping u do naruto and mikoto doggystyle while mikoto is eating out kushina

    and also a konohamaru with naruko

  30. Sanders says:


    I would rather say that this pic is requested by almost everyone who comments here.Not once or twice I saw comments here like:Moar NaruxKushi, NarutoxKushina and such… Seems like many people from here are horny for Uzumaki Incest and they just keep wanting more.Im not saying that this is bad thing, to be honest I too enjoy Incest pictures :-)

  31. Zenshin says:

    Damn, kushina looks like some kind of divine sex goddess, spectacular post mister rex, anymore of NaruKushi and im totally gonna become a WINcest lover, lol.

  32. TheDoc says:

    As always, I would have preferred a more revealing angle, but still the picture is pure awesomeness. :)

  33. zetsu15 says:

    Wincest!!!! I love this picture and every Kushina picture :) They are my favorite and that’s why i want to know if you can do my suggestion with Kushina in it.

    Can you please do my suggestion?!

    Have Mikoto on her knees eating out Kushina’s pussy while Kushina is standing up with a facial expression showing she’s really enjoying it and have a GREAT view of their boobs. In the background have baby Naruto and baby Sasuke in a crib oblivious to what their mother’s are doing.

    Title it “Play Date” :) Thanks Rex

  34. narutoforever says:

    naruto fucking mikoto

  35. kiba-kun says:

    Amazing ass view. Kushina looks like a goddess or how angel here, this is probably because of this very special glow from behind them. Beautiful and soft pic.
    But Rex in last week was a NarutoKushina with Mikoto, this week again NarutoKushina, next week maybe will be NarutoKushinaMinato. I don’t know how about others but I want see more variety with pairings.
    MORE KIBAHINA !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Idealogist says:

    Sexy and awesome…but Rex is been like 5month i ask for a request…

    Title:Rose are Red

    Karin and Sakura with shiny boobs and ass in 69 on the Konoha bridge

    Title:Like Gold

    TsunadexInoxTemariXNaruto(Temari been fuck by naruto)

  37. GANTZter says:

    @ Sanders:
    You definitely right, too many guys requested this wincest and is not surprising that on this chaos suggestions, Rex made a mistake, the problem is that the kal did not this request, he was waiting in the turn very long time and the result a got was not his request and now he again have to wait several months for his turn again, I think this is a little unfair, and if anyone of you happen to such a nuisance you will not be very happy and so would be good to find the author of this name of the and do away with this mess.

  38. slejhy says:

    Nice job… Kushina is the hotes woman from Naruto.

    Please make some Kushina+Sakura+Karin whit Kakshi, in any fucking hot sex position :)

  39. sayler says:

    OMG ! Magnificent and priceless pic. Kushina really goddess of incest and flawless asses. I love incest but would be awesome if you make and my request with lesbian incest.

    Hinata and her mother fucking by double dildo in scissoring position and call it “A Mother’s Pride”

  40. Saske says:

    Hiashi > Hinata < Neji – Threesome
    Title: "Hyuuga Love"

  41. akasasuke says:

    Damn!!!! I love it Rex keep it up I mean it.

  42. tsukotarasu says:

    @ GANTZter:
    Actually, kal had recently gotten a request drawn a couple of months ago. It was for a Naruto x Konan pic. So I think he’s good for ahwile now.

  43. akasasuke says:

    My request Sasuke and Kushina “Do you hate me now?” reference to naruto hating sasuke. Hope mine looks juss as great as dis one Good job

  44. Ideas Ninja says:

    Awesome pic, I was wondering when somone was going to request a pic like this since Naruto met Kushina in the manga

  45. sayonara says:

    Guys, you don’t think what too much incest lately, especially Uzumaki incest. I love Kushina and consider what she is one of the hottest woman in this anime, but I prefer see her not only with Naruto, How about Mikoto, Hiashi, Third Hokage, Jiraya, Sakura, Hinata, Kakashi, shukaku, Tsunade and others people. Moar variety with her, she deserved this.
    And again my suggestion;
    Place – Academy Ninja
    Characters – Iruka, Hinata and Ino and girls wore clothes from first season
    Action – Ino ride on dick, Hinata on face and Hinata their backs to Ino
    Name – “Remembering Childhood”

  46. X-Light says:

    That’s cool Rrr and thanks for it
    And its so rare to see some really love character in the serie, i think that moment is really asking for a pic, cause for once, looks like we really have a couple here

  47. GANTZter says:

    @ tsukotarasu
    Damn ! You right, I always thought what that was request KonanLover, but I don’t change my opinion: If Rex decided to make Kal’s suggestion, then it must be Kal’s suggestion and not whose something else.

  48. Z-Aura says:

    OMG FINALLY! ive been requesting for this pic 4ever but i guess you havent seen my requests but kai’s huh..

  49. TeenFlash09 says:

    “How You’ve Grown” and “Uchiha Incest” are by far the best incest pics you’ve made! Both Kushina and Mikoto are the top MILFs of the series.

    I’m looking forward to “Mother’s Day 2″ – NarutoxKushina, SasukexMikoto, and GaaraxKarura – Really hot incest sex.

  50. Rva says:

    That is 1 hot ass!

  51. Naruto Uzumaki says:

    this is such a sweet, and hot picture…
    you’ve really out done yourself this time Rex, most amazing, beautiful, and sexy picture of all time! I’ve seen alot of hentai, but out of all, this must be the best of the best! I hope to see more wonderful pics like this.

    oh, and I do have two requests, I hope you don’t mind.
    1) Fem Naruto, and I don’t mean Sexy no Jutsu form, I mean, LITERAL Fem Naruto, like this and have it be called “the REAL sexy no jutsu”

    2) OroNaru is my favorite pairing, saddly, there isn’t much of it… so, can you make a pic of Orochimaru doing Naruko or Fem Naruto, and have it be called “not so famous pairing” or you can think up a name

  52. ham says:

    dreams do come true. thanks rex.
    i got a big one this time.
    “clan merger ceremony” minato x hinata’s mother,kushina x hiashi, hinata x naruto.

  53. tonny says:

    best incest ever!

  54. crazy_kun says:

    veryyyyyyy hot pic!
    draw a Ino licking a balls of sasuke and call it “Ino catch’s Sasuke”

  55. rasengan says:

    OHH That is super dat ass ever. One of the best pic with KUSHINA and one of the best pic with incest. Wonderful work REX.
    Lesbian incest will be excellent and my vote for Sayler’s “A Mother’s Pride” and don’t forget about my suggestion “SISTER’S LOVE” with HINATA/HANABI

  56. TeenFlash09 says:

    “How You’ve Grown” and “Uchiha Incest” are by far the best incest pics you’ve made! Both Kushina and Mikoto are the top MILFs of the series.

    I’m looking forward to “Mother’s Day 2″ – NarutoxKushina, SasukexMikoto, and GaaraxKarura – Really hot incest sex.

  57. Pervy-Kun says:

    Kushina you’re my queen. I’m adore this beautiful ass and I love this pair. Phenomenal artwork.
    Here is my suggestions:

    1) Hanabi lie on top Konohamaru by face to face, he fucking pussy and squeezing her ass, named “Sarutobi vs Hyuuga”
    2) Shino and Hinata fucking in position “Stand & Carry” and they both in their jackets, name “Imperceptible Love”
    3) Kakashi hold on hands Karin in bridal style and bangs her pussy, name “Welcome to Konoha pt.2″

  58. Ikari4 says:

    This is just epic and brilliant, well done and keep up the awesome work Rex!!

    And I would still like to request That you do a pic with just Shizune and Anko together. Preferably in a 69 position with anal please, or with one of them squirting into the others mouth whichever you would prefer drawing!

  59. dragonfly82 says:

    Awesome pic
    DATASS! Kushina is one of my favorites.

    A suggestion for a pic is:
    Naruto x Hinata pic with their Konoha Gakuen

    you can call it “fuck on the first date”…..

  60. qwe says:

    Very nice picture kushina is hot. Rex, Make hinata in this position fucked from behind.

  61. TeenFlash09 says:

    Rex, you should totally do dragonfly82′s idea!

  62. Cavpal says:

    I smell many samefags here…’Sigh’
    Anyway, the picture is a masterpiece and I love Kushina’s intense expression (and the blush on Naruto’s face is a nice touch, too!)
    May I suggest a seldom used character,
    like Shion or Uzuki Yugao?
    That would be awesome.

  63. Roxas says:

    i like it..
    kushina is the most hot

  64. Nobody says:

    More, more and more red haired kunoichi ;) (Kushina, Karin, Sakura, Terumi ;) )

  65. jonathan says:

    muy buena pose de kushina es la mas ardiente despues de tsunade ,bueno que dibujen a mikoto uchiba follando con naruto en la cama seria bueno

  66. sabuchan says:

    Awesome pic, my request:
    Kushina deepthroat call it: a big boy.
    thnx Rex

  67. Chaos says:

    This one really satisfied me. I love Kushina just because the fact that she’s a redhead!

    Rex, may you please do a picture with Samui and Naruto, or Itachi and Konan (I know you had a Itachi and Konan but it wasn’t intercourse) If you’re doing it with Samui and Naruto, make the name “Blondes have the most fun.” in a cowgirl position.

    For Itachi and Konan, make them doing doggy style with Itachi holding her shoulders thrusting her hard and call it “Friction Fuck.”

    Also can you do one with Hinata Minato and Kushina( I think it is being requested by someone else) and call it “Our son’s future Daughter in Law.”

    Or you can do a part 2 of the “Shower Incident” with the towel wrapped on Hinata’s head in any position! Preferably doggy inside the shower!!

  68. Rasangan says:

    Great One I like Kushina kinda
    Good Job

    “team 7 together Again”
    Naruto and sasuke double penetrating sakura (naruto:pussy,sasuke:ass) while she is giving kakashi a BlowJob

  69. hwoarang says:

    DatAss is always DatAss. Kushina a simply fucking hot mother in anime Naruto and her is impossible don’t love. More pics with her especially where she with another girls: Mikoto, Sakura, Hinata, Tsunade, Rin, Naruko and Kurenai.
    More lesbian pics especially with Sakura and Hinata;

    Sakura on top Hinata and hard squeezing her boobs but don’t cover nipples, grinding their sweet pussies together with their clitors bumping against each other’s and call it “Lesbotherapy”

    Hinata lie on back, she is tied, her legs spread very wide, hips slighty raised in the air and in her ass has a anal beads, Sakura of strapon very hard raping her pussy and call it “Nearly girlfriends”

    P.S. +1 for lesbian incest.

  70. migz says:

    i like naruto fucking ino

  71. TeenFlash09 says:

    I think someone mentioned my request: “Meet The Namikazes”
    Anyways, I’m hoping you can at least do one my requests soon.
    Either the first mentioned, “Mother’s Day 2″, or “Jitensha”.

  72. kurenai big fan says:

    Amazing wincest. Kushina hot as hell when Naruto looks innocent how newborn. And super ass, I love it. But I think what too much pics with combination mother/son, how about mother/daughter and incest-threesome or incest-orgy ? That is will be no less hot and interesting how and this pic.
    More, please, more Kurenai.
    My request a has name “Sensei for a daughter” – Hiashi fucking with Kurenai and she licks pussy Hinata. I’m don’t expect what you make this a now, but hoping what I can see this pic at least on this year. Thanks.

  73. konan yuri says:

    another great image you have a lot of imagination
    images are very hot lesbians and hopefully you make more special lesbians. en konan here is my suggestion please take it into account
    Please ask you more images of konan hopeless almost no images of her and my request is a yuri in the forest and karinxsakura konanxhinata far this shion with a look of fear and the title “fight for a bijuu”

  74. The Sinful says:

    You know, I’m really impressed that you managed to make this look so loving. Almost all of your other pictures look like lustful sex but this seems sorta like sex between two (or more) people that honestly love each other.

  75. Liger01 says:

    Awesome pic, Can you do another NarutoxKushina, doggy style, with not so innocent looking naruto, plz.

  76. el pibeee says:

    Naruto x Mizukage!!!!

  77. Mari says:

    This is so nice! Love it!

  78. .... says:

    Omg she’s got a huge ass!:D

  79. Noble says:

    What a beautiful picture, they are so sweet in sex too. KushinaxNaruto in one of my favorite hentai couple, and you make it perfect.Thanks for this image.
    I know you are busy with all the suggestions, but please, make one or some of mine:
    -Naruto/Hinata and Sakura/Lee, title “Dreams come true”
    -Konohamaru/Naruko, title “Best teacher ever”
    -Shikamaru/pregnant Kurenai, title “Taking care of her”
    -Pain/Tsunade, title “Make love not war”
    -Shikamaru and his mother
    -Young Kurenai and her father, title “Live” or “Live and give me a grandson”
    -Ino making a boob job to Inoichi, title “Fathers day pt3″
    -Hana and Tsume licking Kiba’s dick, title “Inuzuka family”
    -Hinata and Hanabi making a handjob to Hiashi, title “Family portrait”
    -Itachi/Mikoto, title “Everybody prefers my brother”
    -Shikamaru with Ino, Temari and Shiho, title “Women are of the annoyances” or a similar title
    Thanks for attention and sorry for my english

  80. Kushina_love says:

    Awesome picture…….can u make a picture with kushina tied up with her legs over her her head and orochimaru sending a snake into her pussy

  81. Dragon says:

    This pic is very sexy and beautiful! And that big ass of Kushina is just so damn nice!:D

  82. wolf191000 says:

    NICE HOT Naruto and his Mum Kushina. This is a HOT incest image really AMAZING Work Rex.

    On another note PLEASE make “Family Orgy” with NaruSaku and MinaKushi in any Sexual Position PLLLEEEAAASSSEEE (thank you).

  83. Smiley says:

    AWSOME!!!! I love Kushina so much, she’s so freaking hot :)

    Could you do my suggestion?

    Have Naruto sucking on Kushina’s boobs and there is milk pouring from them. I want it to look similar to this but the milk is squirting all over Naruto’s face from one boob.

    Title it “Mommy’s Milk” :) Thank you Rex

  84. Jose Manuel Fernandez says:

    Well look I think I would do something like more pictures of Kushina and her great ass in all sexual positions that may exist would be very nice, also agregenle that has the same face in this picture is really cool XD I want more more more!

  85. dodgy says:

    great pic espicially the ass and expression but whats with the incest isn’t it disturbing

  86. guest says:

    awsome pic rex………u should f drawn more NarutoxKushina………they r a hot pair……..

  87. Blueblitz says:

    Kushina is definatly a MiLF. I love how you made her ass. It would look good in a new series I came up with:

    New series: Spanked. You already know where I’m going with this, right? Serious of the girls of Naruto after they just got a good spanking ;)

  88. josh says:

    me encanta porque parece que kushina le ase para abajo y arriba y pareciera que le ase aaaaa mas duro hijo jajajajajaja quiero ser yo el que esta ahy y el gran culo que se carga kushina para follarla

  89. fsaf says:

    you gotta love that fat juicy ass of hers

  90. kushina minato says:

    a kushina deitada na cama ao lado da konan na as duas na mesma posição que na imagen kushina stripp mas dessa vez mostra o pes delas por que na imagen da kushina stripp voçe cortou um pouco dos pes dela e eu gostaria que voçe os colocaçem

  91. josh says:

    kushina le encanta hacer sexo con su hijo y el culo de kushina a quien no provoca

  92. Rex Rox! says:

    I think every paymember here agrees with me, FOOT FETISH series are on top of the Bes Narutipixx series with the Incest series and Stripped too, please rex, Put more Foot Fetish picture, Everyone, even the dislikers, i know they like it too =), FOOT FETISH SERIES FTW!
    Keep up the good work Rex, You´re a GOD at doing this :)

  93. castorhentai says:


  94. kieron says:

    Albeit her Chakra being special inheriting her Clan’s Vitality, I’m surprised that she has that many Chakra left.

  95. ombre21 says:

    kushina!!!!!!!!!! fuck mother naruto!!!!!!
    I like!!!!!

  96. John says:

    I want to cum in her giant ass.

  97. darkslayer says:

    naruto: one lucky MOTHERfucker

  98. SACO says:


  99. amo a hinata says:

    the mom of naruto very hot!!

  100. josh says:

    make allot rex

  101. KleineFlocke says:

    This is my favourite pic ever :) naruto looks pretty cute *,*

  102. legendary1 says:

    We need more Kushina with that incredible ASS!! And more NaruxKush incest.

  103. whenevar2b says:

    slap dat boxy ass naruto!!!!

  104. Ganas de sexo con ino says:

    Mi dios! ! Que culote tan grande y rico mi amor culona kushina yo tambien quiero quete sentes en mi picha. Mi riquisima kushina uzumaki dame tu culo y te llevo al cielo con mi picha. Que culote tan rico tenes ! ! Te amo kushina !!!!

  105. Madara/toby says:

    que cabrao

  106. Alex says:

    Oh myyyyyy I tap that huge azz of her am cum in their so bad

  107. iz4 says:

    so sexy\

  108. McCabeRz says:


  109. chaojiaLIN says:

    very good

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