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Posted on: June 23rd, 2010 by Rex 31 Comments
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  1. giggitygiggity says:

    great job on this pic. your an awesome artist

  2. ninjalostboy95 says:

    Hot pic :)

    can you make my suggestion: Naruto X Kurenai doggystyle called “Learning genjutsu” please I’ve waited 7 weeks ;(

  3. Dragon says:

    The pose combined with that innocent face expression…nice Rex!;)

  4. kiba-kun says:

    Nice one. Naruko so cute sweety here, her body very flawless and incredible sexy. Amazing pic
    MORE KIBAHINA !!!!!!!!!!

  5. kunoichi says:

    Wonderful works Man. I don’t love pics where Naruko getting fucking but not this time, pic indeed very hot,her body, her expressions, that position, I LIKED ALL.
    Keep it up great work, Rex. You are the best!

  6. Noble says:

    Oh yeah,Naruko is one of my favorite female character, and in this picture she is so sexy with that innocent expression and that hot body.
    I know you are full of suggestions, but please, make some of mine:
    -Konohamaru/Naruko, title “Best teacher ever”
    -Hinata/Naruto and Lee/Sakura, title “Dreams come true”
    -Shikamaru/pregnant Kurenai, title “Taking care of her”
    -Pain/Tsunade, title “Make the love, don’t make the war”
    -Konan/Naruto, title “I trust in you”
    -Mikoto/Itachi, title “Everybody prefers my brother”
    -Tsume and Hana licking kiba’s dick, title “Inuzuka Family”
    -Hanabi and Hinata making a handjob to Hiasi, title “Family portrait”
    Thank for attention

  7. sanji says:

    Naruko such cutie with very sexy body. Wonderful work.

  8. Your positioning and expressions are just beautiful and well done.

    Naruko is something a couple of people on this site wanted to see more of and they got their wish.

  9. Anton says:

    Definately my new favorite art… THANK YOU REX!

  10. SweetBlow says:

    Well done, perfect boobies

  11. Jim says:

    Please do one with Kin and Tayuya making out while being done by Sound teammates, posed similarly to this:

  12. GANTZter says:

    Naruko always super hot and very cute. This body is perfect and her face expressions so sweet, I like this pic.

  13. MIC says:

    Well done, nice Naruko’s image is a hot jutsu…
    Please Rex, can do you make an image of Naruto and Sakura are in the Hokage’s throne while Ino and Karin fucked with Kage Bunshin it title “The best Hokage of Konoha”. And make an image of young Kushina and young Minato.

  14. leon S. keneddy says:

    Another great work from Rex. Beautiful pic with Naruko, I like when you draw her such innocent and sweet and when her body so flawless and very hot

  15. Itachi_7 says:

    Thats one sexy face shes got. Thnx rex for another freakishly awsome pic. PLZ DO

    1-naruto x sakura 69 (A likely couple).

    2-naruto x sakura x kushina (Call it whatever u want).

  16. Ramenguy says:

    Hey Rex. Can you do one with examiner Hayate Gekko and his lover anbu black ops Yugao Uzuki. For the image title, just call it “Yugao and Hayate” or any title you prefer Rex.

  17. Rebelkomodo says:

    I like it. :3

    Also, I have a suggestion, if you’re willing to take it:
    Haku’s (ghost?) fucking either Hinata, Sakura or Naruko in a forest. Haku’s not wearing anything and the girl has their top on(in Naruko’s case, Naruto’s jacket), but they aren’t wearing anything. Have Haku do them from behind and groping their breasts… Oh, and the girls are all in their Shippuden form,naturally. Maybe call it “Comforting the Orphan”? … Just a suggestion~.

  18. Azuma says:

    Naruko so innocent here, her body incredible beautiful and me very liked this position but her face look kinda weird.

  19. rasengan says:

    I love NARUKO such like here; cute face + perfect body = amazing pic. You drew wonderful position, me very like how she lifted leg, and again, perfect angle. Beatiful work.
    REX this series pics indeed very hot but sometimes please make and lesbian pics too, and would be nice to see it: HANABI suck big boobs HINATA and fingering her pussy, HINATA fingering ass HANABI and call it “SISTERS LOVE” Thanks.

  20. hanabi says:

    I love it. That’s very nice work Rex. Naruko so sweet, so cute and innocent, her body incredible sexy and very flawless and me very liked this pose. Simply beautiful !

  21. rasenshuriken says:

    yea rex nic pic love the way how you drew her

    more pics of naruko

  22. blazer says:

    i like Rebelkomodo’s idea let hako fuck naruko hard from behind!!!!!!!!!!

  23. rashoumon says:

    wonderful work rex such a great pic i love it when you make pics of naruko.

    i like nobel’s idea- konohamaru x naruko = best teacher ever

    keep up the good work

  24. FireBall says:

    Beauty Naruko have fun with big dick, that’s amazing body deserved at this. Perfect work.

  25. dr. octa-mother f*cking-gonapus says:

    wow. this pic is f*cking amazing.

  26. kal says:

    rex here are my suggestions take the time to do please
    hinata in this position and call it as you wish

    kushina minato and hinata and call “our future daughter”.

    konan and Naruto Sennin mode and call the “forgive me” or “regret”.
    explanation for konan she regrets having to attack konoha.

  27. Zetsu1 says:

    Please do my suggestion!!

    Naruto with Kushina and Sasuke with Mikoto and call it “Mothers Know Best” :)

    Thanks Rex you rock!!

  28. BloodySoundNinja says:

    konohamaru and naruto sexyjutsu fucking :D lol

  29. HokageOfAll says:

    can u do hinata and deva path and naruto in sage call it sex in the holeall naked pls..

  30. narusaku4eva says:

    nice pic rex pls pls pls make a naruxsaku tit fuck pls i’ve waited over 8 months now pls pls pls pls pls m_m ö ü ¿¿¿æö ôãäü ü ü ü ü ï ï ï ñ àáâãäåæ ç èéêë ìíîï ñ òóôõöøœ ß ùúûü ýÿ plssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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