Cheating on Fugaku

Posted on: May 10th, 2010 by Rex 52 Comments

requested by Dragon

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  1. X-Light says:

    That’s awesome, first mikoto pic, and hopefuly not the last, great job Rex, her is just…PERFECT
    Hope to see my suggestion’s soon too ;)

    Keep It Up The Good Work Man

  2. Dragon says:

    This is simply amazing! I love it! Thank you so much for doing my suggestion Rex! The pose is simply great and Mikoto looks so hot on it! The face expressions you picked up for them really fits the pic,the coloring is fascinating like always from you! The ass view of Mikoto and her big breasts are really hot on the pic!:D

    Again: Thank you very much for doing my suggestion Rex! You’re without question a very very amazing artist!!

  3. Dave6 says:

    OMG it looks AMAZING :D
    mikoto looks so HOT, nice request and awesome drawing ;P

  4. Apofezzz says:

    Ha! This fun. And look perfect.

  5. SASUKE SUCKER says:

    hey rex can u pls do my suggestion now>..

  6. Cotton says:

    pls rex my suggestion Naruto and ayame in ichiraku ramen Caled: you Reward

  7. CrazyMan says:


  8. karasu says:

    There’s no words to describe how perfect is this pic…it’s just one of your best pics ever!

    A lot of people (myself included) have been asking for a pic with Mikoto for ages and it’s good to see that not only you didn’t disappoint your fans but that the wait was worth it :D Mikoto’s body is flawless, with those big breasts and that amazing ass, her long hair just make her look even more sexy along with the moaning expression on her face and the pose just exploits this traits amazingly… you also made a bloody awesome job on the young Madara :D

    Congratulations Rex! For another perfect work and for the pic Mikoto Uchiha hentai pic ever!

    Keep up the PERFECT work…

  9. karasu says:

    By the way, I have a couple of suggestions Rex! Hope you have time to work on one of them! :D

    1)Naruto fucking Mikoto Uchiha (any pose you want to use is good for me) and you could call it “My Best Friend’s Mom” or “Uchiha MILF” As a bonus, you could draw Sasuke, Itachi or Fugaku seeing them and masturbating as they fuck or doing nothing but watch.

    2)Hana Inuzuka being fucked doggy style by his brother Kiba Inuzuka and you could call it “Clashing Fangs”

    Again, I really hope you can make one of my suggestions Rex…

  10. iris says:

    great picture madara uchiha looks hot. damn i wish i was mikoto.
    and can you make one of these

    1)Sasuke and Madara (madara young long hair) ( both hot and naked) fucking konan or whoever

    2)Gaara and Kankuro (both naked) fucking Temari call it “Desart incest Pt.3”

    and thanks again madara is sooo fucking hot

  11. Itachi_7 (yazan) says:

    Very hot PIC, really nice one there rex. Please can you do my suggestions of u like

    1-Yamato naruto and sakura (Sai just missed it)

    2-Garra x Sakura & Naruto & Temari (Similar hair color)

    3-Pein x hinata (or sakura) (Process of Pain) XD

    Thanks in advance Rex :D

  12. Defuck says:

    That really awesome pic, Rex, you finally draw Mikoto, and draw her perfect. Her body is amazing, her face expression is fantastic hot! you excel himself again.
    Rex, please make my suggestion: tentacles getting raping Hinata, based on this scene from 6-th movie. Thanks

  13. Kamilynka says:

    Rex! Plz make Obito and Young Kakashi x Rin (Obito blowjob, Kakashi Doggy style) and title “True Love of Minato Team”! Please Rex and Thanks! PS. You pictures are awesome!

  14. m says:


    rex plz make a pic of raikages assistant ^^ she’s hot!

  15. Xanon82 says:

    Awesome pic, Mikoto looks freakin hot!

    BTW, could you make a Hinata pic,
    with her Bunny Maid Outfit from one of the
    Shippuuden Omake:


    you can call it: “Cheering up Naruto”

  16. Sasukesucks says:

    Omg, THIS PIC IS AWESOME!!!!! one of the best pics you ever made!!! mora mikoto plzz!

  17. Sasukesucks says:

    Awesome pic!!!

  18. ccc says:

    Awesome pic! Mikoto looks so hot!

  19. Sasukesucks says:

    BTW you made everyones suggestions exept me plzzz make my suggestion Konan on top of itachi on his throne and call it “Pein doesn’t knows” plzzz! or Anko on top of kabuto and call it “medical research” plzzzzz :(

  20. Sasuke says:

    Wow!!! Amazing pic Rex!!! Rex plzz make my suggestion too, i know the other user have great suggestions but please make my suggestion too.
    Keep this perfect work :)

    Ps: great suggestion Dragon :)

  21. Desat says:

    that is awesome pic rex, i really like it. this is truly great one! hope you do my suggestion too, man ;)

  22. Hentai4ever says:

    Awesome pic!

  23. Tom says:

    great pic one of your best work :) great Ty Rex can I ask u a question who is you fravourite female chareter ??

    plz. do my request

    could you do female pein and naruto in the mouth of cheif toad like what happens in the manga plZ ohh and call it “children of profecy”

    Ty Rex

  24. Carruncas says:

    Mikoto is so hot :D
    This photo is AWSOME..

  25. Tom says:

    iris you could be if you want (wink) (wink)

  26. iris says:

    not with you tom

  27. CatSandwich says:

    Mikoto looks so fucking hot and so does Madara! <3 Keep up the good work! :)

  28. Mr Skull says:

    Very hot! Mikoto looks fucking amazing! Definitely one of the finer anime MILFs.

    Still wanna see some more Tayuya! I mean, come on, she IS fucking hot.

    Keep up the awesome work, Rex!

    And I see why you’d wish that, Iris. xD

    I wish I were Madara in this pic.

  29. GANTZter says:

    Well done REX, this one are best of your works. I never thought, that Mikoto can be so damnit hot! you did her so tempting, so sexy, what i began to think she is your favorite. Incredible hot picture!!! You’ll need make more pics like that, because you are the best!!!!
    REX, you long long time don’t draw Shion. Can you make one threesome with Naruto Shion and Hinata and call it “RESEMBLING HOW SISTERS” Thanks

  30. bubbles76 says:

    omg this is great! i love it—a long haired madara! please make more madara pictures, your the best!

  31. Captin Sensei says:

    This is a amazing sexy pic of mikoto man perfect pic rex. i praise 2 u. please please make my idea of mikoto please rex.

  32. Captin Sensei says:

    Mikoto is so fucking hot. please make her with a sexy expression and perfect body in my suggestion. please rex.

  33. demonicninja says:

    rex, plz make raikage x tsunade with title “united proposal”

    plz rex plz…

  34. idea creator!! says:

    her body is soo hot!!!!
    i just wanna ram her from behind :)
    gittygitty :P

  35. Gaaraman says:

    I like it rex can you do my request Gaara fucking matsuri and call it for the kazekage make matsuri on top and showing her whole body

  36. NaruHina says:

    Now he makes a cool design.
    And again
    Fuck you rex

    • rex says:

      @NaruHina: Fuck you too. Get outta here. we don’t need an insignificant insect like you. LOSER…hahahahaha!

  37. 143 says:

    rex can you make a pic naruto fucking tsunade you name it rex

  38. da lol says:

    just prefect

  39. fornetti says:

    oh my gosh this is a great pic! need more mikoto!!:D

  40. Harluxia says:

    Love it its an amazing picture

  41. Puberto says:

    Sasuke’s mom is the penultimate milf. more Mikoto please.

  42. tonny says:

    it would be pretty funny it that was naruto lol

  43. OMG I wish that were me on Him! Madara is sooo fucking hot I could bang him all night long! Then again i jsut rleiezed now….. sasuke looks alot like madara tooo so maybe this pic explains why hahahahahahaahaha!

  44. also dude could u make one of these two fucking sideways while frenching each other you never make any like that with the chars frenching and that would be intresting for a first time to see. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

  45. minato 74 says:

    cette image est tres bien mikoto est vraiment sexy elle est trop bonne

  46. Naruto-pixx123 says:

    I haven’t join yet, but umm, can you please make a picture when Anko is all naked and rubs her pussy in a doggy style. Thankyou!

  47. skullmasteerman says:

    when making pics of mikoto all you have to know is that don’t put him having sex with fugaku cuz deep down we all want to see mikoto having an affair and basically being a slut.

  48. ThatGuyOnThisThread says:

    Mikoto is sexy as all hell in this picture! Her expression and position are just amazing!

  49. ThatGuyOnThisThread says:

    Mikoto is sexy as all hell in this pic! Her expression, her position, her body, her boobs… all perfect…

  50. protagonistofthisshow says:

    her face is sexy as hell

  51. Linkman123 says:

    This is ver damn sexy. Lol. I was wondering if you could have one of Naruto and Ino. I’d really appreciate that. Thanks, Rex.

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