Posted on: May 10th, 2010 by Rex 36 Comments
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dedicated to all mothers out there..

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  1. iris says:

    wow you did do one for mothers day how cool first

  2. bubbles76 says:

    awsome rex!

  3. Dave6 says:

    so HOT !!!!
    awesome job rex :P

  4. GANTZter says:

    Another amazing work, as usual. They look really hot, but would be better if you made Mikoto naked too,whatever, nice work. Good present in mothers day. You are the best!
    Please consider my suggestion ” Resembling how sisters” with Shion Naruto and Hinata. Thanks

  5. ska says:

    I’d like to see Sakura getting laid the same way Naruko is in ‘True Destiny’ C:

  6. Captin Sensei says:

    A sexy mothers day pic awesome job on this one rex. Again mikoto is so sexy please make her in my idea please rex.

  7. kabutochimaru says:

    Great work again Rex, three sexy mommys look so damn hot.
    Can you consider at least one of my suggestions
    1): Anko fucking Kabuto like that and call it “I caught you”
    2): Naruto in sage mod fuck Hinata in this pose and call it “Froggy style”
    3): Sasuke rape Sakura after her unsuccesful attempt to kill him, and use this position and named it “Revenge begin”

  8. idea creator!! says:

    rex when does the suggestion voting contest starts???

  9. idea creator!! says:

    and btw good pic. i like the boobs

  10. Man says:

    Hey rex please make Killer bee during 69 golding gate with naruko call it training

  11. Pervy-Kun says:

    Very well job Rex. I like how you decided to celebrate mothers day, nice choice – those three chicks is really super sexy !
    After “Mothers Day” you should make one with Hiashi and Hinata and call it ” Fathers day” I hope you’ll do it for 20 june.

  12. MIC says:

    OH GOD! Happy Mothers Day

  13. iris says:

    rex do you have kids

  14. Gaaraman says:

    cool rex and karura is hot too

  15. Cotton says:

    pls rex my suggestion Naruto and ayame in ichiraku ramen Caled: you Reward

  16. Jiggy says:

    plz make my suggestion

    yahiko (pain) fucking the female body of pain (without piercings)

    you can call it :
    Entrance examination

  17. Dragon says:

    Great pic again Rex! You’re so amazing at drawing Mikoto! But I think Kushina is the best on this pic with her sexy look:)

  18. X-Light says:

    Sug. 1:
    Title: What If…
    Who: Konan + Yahiko
    Where: Amegakure
    How: Konan over Yahiko, like those two pics view
    Heres something to help you with Yahikos face

    Sug. 2:
    Title: Customers Time
    Who: Ino + Shikamaru + Kiba
    Where: Flowershop
    How: Ino giving a hand job to both in this way

    Keep It Up The Good Work Man

  19. Defuck says:

    Rex you did excellent work again. Those three woman look amazing, especially Kushina – she innocent and dissolute simultaneously. Really sexy mothers day ever!

    Rex, please make my suggestion: tentacles getting raping Hinata, based on this scene from 6-th movie. Thanks

  20. Stivour says:

    Whooa…! cool rex!! you’re the best!
    even if you didn’t make my suggestion, i still think you’ll do it someday, and again, it’s really awsome rex!! keep up!

  21. KeiKei-Ai says:

    Kushina and Mikoto look so cute in this one~!!
    Yet still incredibly appealing~!! XD
    Nice job~!!

  22. SweetBlow says:

    Karuras face expression doesn’t fit in my opinion. But I can enjoy the other two chicks so it doesn’t matter :P

    FlowerShop Suggestion: Ino, Choji and Shikamaru

    I would like to see it in this position:
    But horny Ino (lying on the indoor flowershop-table) is giving a blowjob and she is rubbing her Clit with two fingers while getting assfucked.
    Would be Awesome. Greetz

  23. SweetBlow says:

    and call it *Picking the Flower*


  24. Benatunisan says:

    You actually did make my suggestion thx!!!

  25. Kamilynka says:

    Rex! Plz make Obito and Young Kakashi x Rin (Obito blowjob, Kakashi Doggy style) and title “True Love of Minato Team”! Please Rex and Thanks! PS. You pictures are awesome!

  26. Apofezzz says:

    That not beter pic. In my opinion.

  27. I expect a lot about this one because the first Naruto was just great. I thought the reason they made Shippuuden was to improve upon the first series and catch up to the manga but it turned out that the first series was much better than this one.

  28. tonny says:

    mom fantasy ^^

  29. sadeer says:

    hey ,do you know who is the middle one?

  30. no name says:

    draw them haveing an orgy with there sons and call it bonding plz its my bday

  31. Hoa Vaiko says:

    I get loads of girls cos I read this

  32. Anonymous says:

    kushina leg is bad drawed!

  33. sikiş izle says:

    very good post thanks you very much…

  34. LOVE IT!!!!!!!! plus i was thinking of sasuke fucking ino and calling it “Don’t Tell Sakura”

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