Shadow Penetration Jutsu

Shadow Penetration Jutsu

Posted on: June 4th, 2009 by Rex 10 Comments

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  1. rolito says:

    I find dark skinned hentai attractive. Nice artwork.

  2. anthony says:

    It really is nicely done.And may I say the color blending is very good!

  3. rolito says:

    Right color combination makes this artwork awesome. 2 thumbs up dude..

  4. shinobi#1 says:

    Hey Rex how about a Naruto x Tayuya. Naruto could be knocked out uncosious while Tayuya rides him.

    ” Sound of leaves “

  5. sellyy says:

    What about SasukexTayuya one?

  6. Shan Desa says:

    Naruto X Tayuya please.

  7. echos says:

    awsome pic

  8. josh says:

    a esa si le llamo una verdadera metida de pija

  9. luxion says:

    pongan mas de tayuya por favor es mi perzonaje favorita es demasiado sexi y hermosa, todas las demas son bonitas pero tayuya les gana

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