Sakura getting hammered

Sakura getting hammered.

Posted on: June 2nd, 2009 by Rex 17 Comments

After the events that happened on the previous manga episodes, i decided to put the Konoha White Fang in action. After his death and resurrection, i just thought that he deserve something good in return. Also i notice that Sakura has her share of batlles and she really fought well. and her reward for all of that, a hard spankin' sex with her sensei.

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  1. anthony says:

    Now here’s something we don’t see everyday..Finally an illustration on how Sakura takes a pump!!

  2. rolito says:

    I love that, seeing sakura riding kakashi hard cock. awesome dude.Thanks.

  3. rolito says:

    hey dio, any comment on Sakura getting hammered.

  4. hitoride says:

    how to downlaod this file???

  5. poel_yeah says:


  6. carl says:

    Just a note for you. The Konohas White fang is Kakashi´s dad. Kakashi is called the Copy Ninja.
    But awesome picture.

  7. sasu says:

    ho very good

  8. Gabriel says:

    Rex e-mail me. its important because i have so many ideas and i can/want to help you.

  9. Blueblitz says:

    Stop calling Kakashi the White Fang. Seriously, this isn’t a rant or anything, but the White fang is his dad.

  10. SasuSaku4eva says:

    that’s hot!!!
    more sakura <3

  11. DeathlyHallows says:

    Love it :D

  12. lovenarutohentai says:

    kakashi sensei its a lucky man

  13. Hfk says:

    More suggestion than demand:

    Zabuza x Haku.

  14. kakashiXsakura says:

    very hott..i love kakasaku so much.please more kakashixsakura

  15. Blaze says:

    This is hot.

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