Final Look on Nude Konan

Final Look on Nude Konan

Posted on: May 1st, 2009 by Rex 16 Comments

Here's my final work on Konan's nude pic. I adjusted some few stuff on her background though I ain't sure of my first attempt for this character to bring more hardcore theme. I guess that will be my 2nd target to Konan's character series - "Konan and Pain Fucking". Anyway, I'm already staring too much on this nude picture. I'll put my 2nd outline for this character by next week and hoping its deliverance to hardcore theme would bring more than just a surprise. You can leave your 2 cents opinion on this nude pic :)

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16 Responses

  1. anthony says:

    A lively colored portrait of Konan makes me feel the hotness!!Simply gorgeous!!

  2. rolito says:

    hahahahaa, shes really nude. Shes looks so hot.:)

  3. itachiiscool says:

    make one with itachi and konan

  4. silverblade says:

    wow now this is the right way to draw konan that for sure

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  6. myasho says:

    what is wrong with her legs? eww…they’re too fat.

  7. KeijiOruga says:

    The second pose is better :)

  8. Bob is a clasic name says:

    Wow konan is so hot in this pic plz make more pics of konan and pein

  9. relqdrec says:

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  10. PAIN says:

    i really love konan i wish i was her boyfriend

  11. PAIN says:

    konan is so fuckin hot that i want 2 be her boyfriend and fuck her

  12. hinata says:

    um…. why is her hair black?

  13. LELELELELEL says:

    mm, this pikkie makes my pee pee big big. i like men bby

  14. IMChinese says:


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