Kakuzu dominates Ino

Kakuzu dominates Ino

Posted on: May 14th, 2009 by Rex 17 Comments

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  1. anthony says:

    Yeah,alright!!This is one of the naruto babes I’d love to see naked and getting humped..!She’s one of that I admire.Thanks to the artist!

  2. rolito says:

    Hahahaha.. at last i see her getting hammered from behind, she looks so innocent..thanks budz.

  3. Darknessrain says:

    Whoa you don’t see an akatsuki fucking a leaf shinobi everyday! great job!

  4. kandis says:

    i love akatsuki pics i wish you’d post more! and there’s none of Itachi!

  5. itachiiscool says:

    nice one and i agree with kandis there is no itachi you should make itachi and sakura or kurenai

  6. itachi says:

    nice one naruto and sakura fucking cun

  7. Perfume says:

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  8. fornetti says:

    Go Kakuzu! :D

  9. sasu says:

    very good xxx ino sex

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  16. Max says:

    :) I love it! Could you do a picture with Hidan? I don’t care who he’s with or what position.

  17. Mike says:

    Can U make one with Deidara and Ino captioned “The Youngest and Sexiest”


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